Participate in design, porting, layout, layout review, verification, and enhancement of mixed-signal circuits such as PLLs, DLL, Transceivers, PHYs, CDRs, Bias circuits, and related blocks
Contribute as a team player in development and design of products targeting most exciting market segments such as VR, AR, IoT, and Automotive and strive to achieve first-time silicon success
Work in close cooperation with System Architects, Chip Architects, Digital IC designers and Physical IC Designers, Senior Mixed-Signal Designers and Project Manager to deliver in time and according to required specifications
Responsible for the schematic entry, simulation, and verification of relevant analog IC blocks
Generate the required documentation and contribute to the validation and debugging of the fabricated silicon
Work independently and methodically on analyzing design, tool, and technology problems, identifying best solutions, and implementing the solutions in a repeatable fashion that integrates well within the implementation flow
Meet strict quality and schedule requirements
Produce exceptional results as an individual and team contributor

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