PDF Solutions

PDF is seeking an experienced Electrical Engineer to join the PDF R&D team, who is responsible for delivery of E-beam columns in our e-Probe systems. The Engineer is an organized and highly motivated team player with strong initiative and communication skills and possesses the drive to deliver quality results on time in a dynamic, multi-discipline, intensive and highly productive small team environment.

The position is located in San Jose California area

Job Description

o Work closely with PDF internal engineering team and with our customers towards delivery of ebeam columns for eProbe inspection systems that are used at 300mm semiconductor wafer fabs to implement PDF’s Design-for-Inspection (DFITM) methodology used in yield ramp and manufacturing control.

o Simulate existing column designs under their full space range of operation. Match simulations to experimental data, refine model parameters of the simulation, and refine models of ebeam source.

o Use simulation to drive new modes of operating the column e.g. with added lenses and deflectors. o Design and simulation in 3-D packages for non-rotationally symmetric column designs including those with Wien filters

o Design of and simulation of high-precision energy filters for enhancing voltage contrast in inspection columns

o Hands-on work with on PDF’s Ebeam tool for column characterization

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