Complete package/interposer design feasibility studies and provide feedback for IC and PCB design teams.
Recommend package layer stack-up, material, impedance targets and net assignments for signals
Complete package designs and parasitic extractions for Rambus products
Optimize single-ended/differential insertion loss, return loss, cross-talk for high speed buses
IR Drop and PDN optimization in packages/interposers. Recommend caps on packages
Complete system level PDN analysis and recommend decoupling strategies
Optimize and implement routing for high-speed signals and power planes
Document package design customer integration guides
Design BGA packages for high frequency ICs using Allegro Package Designer using SIP Layout
Model BGA packaging in 3D and perform tradeoff studies
Develop package designs for signals exceeding 100Ghz GHz using RF transmission lines
Complete package extractions (signal and power) using standard industry tools
Complete system level PDN analysis using Keysight ADS, HSPICE
Complete transient channel simulation using Keysight ADS, HSPICE

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