Analog Design Engr, II
INDIA – Bangalore

Job Description and Requirements

The Embedded Memory and Logic Team in Bangalore is part of Solutions Group and is responsible for standard and custom embedded SRAMs /ROMs development and provides both functional and physical views of memory in form of Memory compilers, A semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for the design of complex integrated circuits . The team is completely responsible for all aspects of memory development starting from Bit Cell Analysis, Architecture Design, Characterization and Verification.


Job Description

Responsible for designing, developing, troubleshooting of embedded memory compilers.
Learn and apply skills in memory compilers having Transistor level circuit Design.
Understand Memory design and development, analysis memory marginality in advance technology
Resolves a wide range of issues in creative ways.
Work is independent and collaborative in nature.
Provides regular updates to manager on project status.
Frequently networks with senior internal and external personnel in own area of expertise.
Ensure high quality and high performance in memory compilers


Job Requirements

Essential Technical Skills
Min 2+ years of Memory circuit design experience
Circuit design experience with memory compilers
Circuit experience with deep submicron technologies
Fundamental understanding of technology tradeoffs in deep sub-micron design
Experience in high speed/ low power circuit techniques


Desirable skills

Working unix/ tcl/ perl scripting know how
Experience with other EDA tools such as Hsim/ Hspice/ Schematic Capture/ Extraction/ Verilog/Unix


Job Category


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