Senior Build and Release Engineer
INDIA – Bangalore

Job Description and Requirements

The FPGA Products team is looking for a skilled DevOps Engineer for a permanent position.

FPGA Products include Synplify Pro and Premier software for FPGA synthesis and ProtoCompiler for FPGA Prototyping on Synopsys HAPS ASIC prototyping systems.

This position is part of the DevOps team that supports FPGA Product R&D and Applications teams with high-end operations and productivity tools and consulting.

The team performs code branching and merging, builds, a wide variety of pass/fail and parametric testing, reporting, metrics, analysis, and release to customers on both Linux and Windows, with volumes of hundreds of builds and millions of tests on a daily basis.

Team goals focus on flawless daily operations and innovative enhancements to improve product team productivity and software quality.

Your exact role will depend on your skill set, interests, and experience.


Masters degree or Bachelors degree and 5 years of experience in CS or CSE or ECE.
Knowledge of continuous build, release and deployment systems
Excellent analysis and problem solving skills
Familiarity with a source control system such as Perforce and a build system such as Visual Studio or Gnu Make.
Excellent written and oral communication including with colleagues around the world.
Comfortable working within established code and process frameworks.
Scripting expertise in Python, Tcl, Perl, and bash.
Familiarity with C/C++ languages and compilation.


Familiarity with Design Automation software such as logic synthesis, simulation, and formal verification.
Familiarity with software analysis tools such as Valgrind, Gcov, and Coverity.
Familiarity with SystemVerilog and/or VHDL languages.
OS expertise with both Linux and Windows.
Expertise with Jenkins.
Familiarity with Cloud Computing and Machine Learning

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