As the SoC are getting complex and thus includes complex verification methodologies and challenges. To address these needs   Synopsys Verification Continuum™ platform provides VCS® simulation, Verdi® debug, SpyGlass® static, VC Formal, fastest emulation system and Prototyping.   Prototyping is one of the key solution as it enables verification with real world interface and enabling software development and helps to catch bugs found during system validation.    Any bugs found in final ASICs involve re-spins which in turn involve huge cost and may miss the market opportunities for end products.

Synopsys’s HAPS Based Prototyping includes HAPS hardware and HAPS ProtoCompiler tools that provides design automation and debug for the HAPS Series of FPGA-based prototypes. Features include: FPGA synthesis for HAPS, system planning, RTL debug and system bring-up utilities.

World’s top chip design companies use our products to do SOC validation and software development of complex SoC whose end products are smart devices & phones, network devices, medical instrumentation, and many other products.   In this job, the qualified candidates will get opportunity to work on best in class FPGA based prototyping products developed in Synopsys’s Verification Group. You get unique opportunity not only to understand the key challenges that our customer face in FPGA prototyping but  you get chance to work the latest technology  that Synopsys develops to address these challenges.
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