Job Description and Requirements

Synopsys, SIG (Software Integrity Group) is looking for a dynamic technology leader to join its growing team as a Lead Architect for SaaS.  In this role, you will have a broad charter and will be responsible for the overall architecture of SIG’s next generation cloud platform.   This will include direct responsibility for:

overall technical solution of the SIG SaaS platform
integration of SaaS products into that platform
architectural consistency within the SaaS portfolio
In this role you will be required to collaborate with the product architects including SAST, IAST, and SCA, Product Engineering, DevOps, and Security teams to execute on the Platform roadmap.

As Lead Architect, you will directly report to the Chief Architect and collaborate with other team architects and SIG Technical Leadership to capture the vision of the SaaS product capabilities and the general direction on our technologies and approaches to productizing this vision.

You must have strong leadership, technical and business acumen, with broad experience with large scale SaaS development and deployment in the cloud a requirement.  You should be able to question the team decisions / approaches objectively, understand the critical issues, and resolve them to meet the platform goals. You will be expected to initiate conversations, ask hard questions, and bring strategic decisions to the Chief Architect and SIG Technical Leadership to debate and decide.

Our culture is something we cherish; we entrust our engineers with a high degree of freedom and autonomy, which fosters innovation and productivity. It’s important that our Lead Architect fosters inspiration and innovation, while being reliable sparring partner, rather than a referee.

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