Tokyo Electron (TEL)

Job Description

• Provides technical support to field engineers, technicians, and product support personnel who are diagnosing, troubleshooting, repairing and debugging complex electro/mechanical equipment, computer systems, complex software, or networked and/or wireless systems.
• Responds to situations where first-line product support has failed to isolate or fix problems in malfunctioning equipment or software.
• Reports design, reliability and maintenance problems or bugs to design engineering/software engineering.
• May be involved in customer installation and training.
• Provides support to customer/users where the product is highly technical or sophisticated in nature.
• Provides technical information and assistance regarding new systems or changes/modifications to existing systems.
• Coordinates activities with materials management concerning parts availability, expected replacement intervals, and shipments to and from the factory (Japan).
• Maintains communication regarding technical support activities through meetings, reports, documentation or other means as required.
• Performs SMBWA and completes reports as required.
• Remains current on equipment/tools through appropriate training, manuals, factory periodicals, and other relevant materials.
• Develops and maintains action-item tracking list for resolving long-term equipment performance and reliability issues.
• Advises factory-engineering group on details of customer facility requirements including clean room configuration, local regulations and customer-specific issues.
• Provides technical support and assistance to customer facilities engineering group for preparation of equipment installation.
• Consults with customers, field personnel and factory engineering to identify and resolve recurring equipment failures, malfunctions or areas for improvement.
• Assists internal sales and marketing staff as well as customers to identify new standards, processes, manufacturing techniques, and new technologies in order to direct factory on future market requirements
• Provides on-site Field Engineer training on current and new product technology.
• Provides Technical presentations as required for customers and the field service team as needed.
• Coordinates site-specific improvement plans.
• Actively participates in any availability, utilization, PM reduction, BKM generation projects and safety issues which will positively affect the overall TEL quality and uptime metrics.

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