Xilinx is looking for a smart, passionate and high energy individual for the strategic and highly visible role of Program Manager and Chief of Staff to VP of Engineering, Data Center Group. This position operates at a tactical, strategic and operational level, often handling the oversight of projects that do not neatly fit within the organizational chart and often fall between departments or leaders areas of responsibility. These are projects critical to the success of the overall Data Center Group and therefore critical to the success of Xilinx. In this role, you are not only getting an expansive view of the whole organization, but you’re also gaining the trust of other business leaders in the company.

Responsibilities include and not limited to:

Strategic Counsel to the VP
Strong communication and presentation skills, often involving senior leaders of the organization
Tracking high priority initiatives for the executive and identifying any obstacles
Communicating initiative status to the executive, pulling in other executives or team members as necessary
Connecting and collaborating with teams that are working on similar initiatives
Pulling together and managing project teams that require input from multiple areas within the company
Managing day to day affairs of the organization and act as delegate for VP on need
Planning and running engineering ops, Follow up on actions
Customer facing representative for the VP’s organization as needed
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