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@HDL 0-In Design Automation Inc.
3Soft Corporation École Polytechnique de Mon...
A|RT Technology of Adelante Aachen University of Techno...
ACAD Corp Accel Technologies Inc.
Accelerant Networks, Inc. Accelerated Technology (UK)...
Accelerated Technology Inc. Accelicon Technologies
Accellera Accellera Systems Initiative
Accellera UCIS WG Accent S.R.L
Accolade Design Automation ACEO Technology
Achronix Semiconductor Corp... Acorn Computer Group
Actel Corp. Adapt IP
ADAS Software Adelante Technology
Adicsys Advanced CAM Technologies, ...
Advanced Microelectronics Advanced RISC Machines Ltd.
Advanced Technology Center Advanced Test Technology, Inc.
Advantest Corporation AGGIOS, Inc.
Agilent EEsof EDA Agilent Technologies
Agility Design Solutions Agnisys, Inc.
Alarity Corporation Alchemy Semiconductor
Aldec, Inc. Algotochip Corporation
Allant Software Allegro DVT
Alphabit Alta Group of Cadence
Altera Corporation Altium, Inc.
Altius Solutions Inc. Altos Design Automation, Inc.
Ambit Design Systems, Inc. AMIQ EDA
AMS AG Anacad Electrical Engineeri...
Anagram Inc. Analog Bits Inc.
Analog Design Automation, Inc. Analog Design Tools Inc.
Analogy Inc. Anasim
Andes Technology Andes Technology Corp.
Antares Antrim Design Systems Inc.
Apache Design Solutions, Inc. Apical Ltd.
APLAC Solutions Corp. Aplus Design Technologies I...
Applied Materials, Inc. Applied Simulation Technology
Applied Wave Research, Inc. Apres Technologies
Apteq Design Systems Inc. Aptix Corporation
Arasan Chip Systems ARC International PLC
Arcad SA Arcadia Innovation, Inc.
Archer Systems ArchPro Design Automation, ...
ArcSys Inc. Arexsys S.A.
Argon Design Ltd. Aristo Technology, Inc.
Arithmatica Arium
Arkos Design Systems Arkos Emulation Unit
Arm ARM SoC Designer
Arrow Devices Pvt. Ltd. ARS Microsystems Ltd.
Arteris FlexNoC and FlexLLI... Arteris, Inc.
ArterisIP Artisan Components, Inc.
Aspec Technology Inc ASSET InterTech
ASTC Astronics Test Systems
Asygn Atair GmbH
AtaiTec Corp. ATEEDA Ltd.
Atlantic Aerospace Electron... Atmosic Technologies
ATopTech Atrenta, Inc.
Ausdia, Inc. AutoESL Design Technologies...
Automated Integrated Design... Automated Systems, Inc.
Automatic Parallel Designs Avalon Microelectronics Inc.
Avant! Corporation Averant, Inc.
AverStar Avery Design Systems
Award Software Axiom Daterer Skandinavien AB
Axiom Design Automation Axis Systems, Inc.
AXYS Design Automation, Inc. Azuro, Inc.
BDTI Beach Solutions
Bell Labs DA group of Lucent Benelux B.V
Berkeley Design Automation,... Black Duck Software
BlazeDFM Blue Pearl Software, Inc.
Bluespec, Inc. BOPS, Inc.
Boulder Creek Engineering Brandenburg GmbH
Breker Verification Systems Brewer Science
Bridges2Silicon, Inc. Brite Semiconductor
Broadcom BTA Technology
BTA Ultima Inc. C Level Design, Inc.
C2 Design Automation CAD Framework Initiative
Cadabra Design Automation, ... Cadence 802.11 wireless LAN IP
Cadence Design Foundry Cadence Design Systems
Cadence PANTA IP cores Cadis GmbH
CADIX Corporation CADIX ECAD division
CadMOS Design Technology, Inc. Cadnetix Corporation
CAE systems CAE Technology Inc.
Caeco Inc. Caedent Corporation
Caetek Inc. California Design Automatio...
Calma Company Calypto Design Systems, Inc.
Carbon Design Systems CARDtools Systems
Carnegie Mellon University Cascade Semiconductor Solut...
CAST, Inc. Catalytic Inc.
Catapult C Product Division CEA
CEA-Leti Celestry Design Technologie...
Celoxica Holding Plc. Certess Inc.
Certus Semiconductor CEVA
CheckLogic Systems inc. Chip & Chip, Inc.
Chip Estimate Corp Chip Path Design Systems
CHIPit business unit ChipStart LLC
Chronologic Simulation Chronology Inc.
Chrysalis Symbolic Design, ... CIDA Technology, Inc.
CIM-Team GmbH CiraNova Inc.
Clear Shape Technologies ClioSoft, Inc.
CLK Computer-Aided Design, ... CLK Design Automation, Inc.
Co-Design Automation, Inc. Codasip Ltd.
Codefast, Inc Codenomicon Oy
CodeSourcery Inc. CoFluent Design
Comdisco Systems Inc. ComLSI
CommandCAD Inc. Compact Model Council
Compass Design Automation Compiled Designs GmbH
Computer Simulation Technol... Computervision, Inc.
Computing-Tabulating-Record... Concept Engineering GmbH
Context Corporation Contour Design Systems, Inc.
Conversant Intellectual Pro... Cooper and Chyan Technology...
Cortus S.A.S. Cosmic Circuits
CoSoft Ltd. Council of EDA Standards Co...
Coventor, Inc. Coverity, Inc.
CoverMeter Tool CoWare LLC
Coyote Systems Cre8 Ventures
Credence Systems Corporation Critical Blue
Crosslight Software, Inc. CycleC and other technology...
Cynapps D2S
Détente Technology, Inc. Daisy Systems Corporation
Dassault Systèmes Dasys
Data I/O Datalink Far East, Ltd
Deerbrook Systems Inc. Defacto Technologies
DelSoft India Pvt. Ltd Delta Microelectronics Ltd.
Denali Software, Inc. Desantage Corporation
Descartes Automation Systems Descon InformationsSysteme ...
Design Acceleration Inc. DesignAdvance Systems Inc.
DesignPRO Inc. Diablo Research Co. LLC
Digital Blocks Dini Group
Docea Power Dolphin Integration
Dorado Design Automation, Inc. Doulos
dQdt, Inc. DRC:DA
DSM Technologies Inc. DSP Division of Philips Sem...
Duolog Technologies Ltd. DXCorr Design, Inc.
Dynamic Soft analysis Inc. E-Z-CAD, Inc.
Eagle Design Automation Eagleware-Elanix
Eagleware, Inc. eASIC Corporation
eBeam Initiative eBizAutomation Inc.
EDA Systems EDAC
EdXact SA EEsof, Inc. Elanix, Inc.
Electronic System Design Al... Elliptic Technologies
Elsip AB EMA Design Automation
Embedded Alley Solutions Embedded Performance Inc.
Embedded Solutions Limited Embedded Vision Alliance
Emulation and Verification ... Emulation division of Mitsu...
EnSilica Ltd. Entasys Design Inc.
EPIC Design Technology, Inc. Escalade Corp.
eSilicon Corporation ESL assets of Agility
ESL assets of Celoxica Esperan Ltd.
eTop Design Automation EuroMIPS Systems
European CAD Standardizatio... European Design Center
European Microelectronics A... EV Group
Evans Analytical Group Evatronix IP Design Business
Evatronix SA EverCAD Corporation
Everest Design Automation, ... Excellent Design Inc.
Excellicon Inc. Exemplar Logic, Inc.
Eximius Design ExperTest
ExpertIO, Inc. Expressive Systems
Extreme DA, Corp. Fairchild Semiconductor
Falanx Microsystems AS FEI - Knights Technology
FEI Company Fenix Design Automation
Ferric Semiconductor Inc. Fidus Systems Inc.
First Earth Ltd. FishTail Design Automation,...
Flex Logix Technologies, Inc. Flexras Technologies SAS
Flomerics EM software Flomerics Group PLC
Flowmaster Ltd. Forte Design Systems
FPGA technology of Kilopass Fractal Technologies
Fraunhofer IIS EAS Freescale - Virtual Garage
Freescale Semiconductor Frequency Technology
Frontier Design Frontline Design Automation...
G-Analog Design Automation ... Galaxy Semiconductor
Gambit Automated Design, Inc. Gatefield
GateRocket Gateway Design Automation
Gear Design Solutions, Inc. Gemini Design Technology Inc.
Genedax Georgia Tech
Get2Chip Inc. Giga Scale Integration Corp...
Global Semiconductor Alliance Global Unichip Corp.
GlobalFoundries Goanna Software Pty Ltd
Gold Standard Simulations Ltd. Gradient DA's electrotherma...
Gradient Design Automation Green Mountain Computing Sy...
Hammercores, Inc. HARDI Electronics AB
Harness Software Group Hd Lab, K.K.
HDAC Inc. HDL Design House
Helic, Inc. Helios Software Engineering...
Heterogeneous System Archit... Hewlett-Packard Company
HHB assets HHB Softron Inc.
High Level Design Systems HighIP Design Company
Hoschar AG HPL Technologies, Inc.
Huins Hunter and Ready
HyperLynx, Inc. IBM
IBM - Altium group IBM Foundry
IC Manage ICScape, Inc.
ICUCOM Corporation IDK
IEEE SA IKOS Systems, Inc.
Imagination Technologies ltd IMEC
iMODL Imperas Inc.
Imperas Software Limited Impinj
impinj NVM IP IMS
In-Chip Systems INCASES Engineering GmbH
Incentia Design Systems Independent Design Automati...
Infiniscale Infinite Designs Ltd.
Ingenuus Corporation Ingot Systems
InnoLogic Systems, Inc. Innotech Corporation
Innovative CAD Software, Inc. Innoveda, Inc.
INRIA inSilicon Corporation
InSpec Validation System Instigate CJSC
Integrand Software Integrated Measurements Sys...
Integrated Silicon Systems,... Integrated Systems Engineer...
Integrity Engineering, Inc. Intel Corp.
Intel PLD business Intelligent Systems Japan, KK
Intento Design Interconnectix Inc.
Interfaces Technical Committee Intergraph Electronics
Intergraph Inc. interHDL
Intermetrics Intermetrics VHDL simulator
International Organization ... Interra IT
InTime Software Invarian, Inc.
Invarium, Inc. Inventra
Inventure Inc. Invionics Inc.
IOTA Technology Inc. IPextreme, Inc.
iRoC Technologies SA ISSC Technology Corporation
Japanese customers of Caden... Jasper Design Automation
Jazz Semiconductor, Inc. JCET
Jedat Inc. JEDEC
Juniper Networks, Inc. K2 Technologies, Inc.
Keil Kilopass Technology Inc.
Kimotion Technologies KLA-Tencor
Knowlent Corporation Kozio, Inc.
L-3 Communications Lam Research
Lattice Semiconductor Lauterbach GmbH
Leda Design, Inc. Leda SA
Leuven Industrial Software ... Library Technologies, Inc.
Lighthouse Design Automatio... Logic Automation, Inc.
Logic Modeling Corporation Logic Modeling Systems Inc.
Logical Devices, Inc. LogicVision, Inc.
Logipard AB Looking Glass Studios
Lorentz Solution, Inc. LSI Logic
Luminescent Mask Synthesis ... Luminescent Technologies
Magillem Magma Design Automation Inc.
Magwel NV Marple Technologies
Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Massachusetts Institute of ...
Massteck Ltd. Mathtools Ltd
Mathworks Memoir Systems, Inc.
Memory BIST Division of iRoC Menta
Mentor Embedded Systems Div... Mentor Emulation Division
Mentor Mechanical Analysis ... Mentor physical libraries
Mentor, A Siemens Business Mercel AB
Mercel AUTOSAR assets Meropa Inc.
Meta Systems SARL Meta-Software Inc.
Metamor Inc. MetaWare Inc.
Methodics, Inc. Methods2Business
Micro Magic EDA assets Micro Magic, Inc.
Microchip Technology, Inc. Microcode Engineering Inc.
Microcosm Technologies Inc. Microelectronics Research &...
Micrologic Solutions Limited Microsemi Corporation
MicroSim Corp Microtec Research, Inc.
Mint Technology MIPI Alliance
MIPS Analog Business Group MIPS Technologies
Mirabilis Design Missing Link Tools
Mitsui Bussan Digital Corp Mixel, Inc.
Mobiveil, Inc. Model Technology Inc.
Mojave, Inc. MonolithIC 3D Inc
Monterey Design Systems, Inc. Moortec Semiconductor Ltd.
Morfik Technology Pty Ltd. MOSAID SIP assets
MOSAID Technologies Inc. Moscape, Inc
MOSIS Mosys SerDes IP
MoSys, Inc. Multicore Association
MunEDA GmbH NanGate, Inc.
Nannor Technologies Inc. Nascentric, Inc.
Nassda Corporation National Instruments
National Research Council o... National Semiconducor
Neolinear, Inc. NetSpeed Systems
Network Design Tools, Inc. NeuroCAD Inc.
Nexsyn Design Technology Inc Next Device Limited
NextOp Software, Inc. Nimbic, Inc.
NM Electronics Northwest Logic, Inc.
Novarm Limited Novas Software
Novelics Novo Systems Corp
Novocell Semiconductor, Inc. NP Komplete Technologies BV
nSys Design Systems Private... Numerical Technologies, Inc.
NuPGA Nusym Technology, Inc.
NXP CMOS IP NXP Semiconductor
Oasys Design Systems Inc. Obsidian Software
OCP-IP Omnicad Corp.
OneSpin Solutions GmbH OPC Technology
Open Networks Engineering Open SystemC Initiatve
Open Verilog International Open Virtual Platforms
Open-Silicon, Inc. OptEM Engineering Inc.
Optic2Connect Pte Ltd Optical Research Associates...
Optimal Corporation Optimal Solutions, Inc.
Optimal+ OrCAD
Oski Technology Out of Business
Pacer Infotec Inc. PADS Software Inc.
Palmchip Corporation Palmchip interface IP
Paradigm Works Parsec Software Inc.
PCB Libraries Inc. PCB Matrix Corporation
PDF Solutions, Inc. Performance CAD
Performance Signal Integrit... Performance-IP, LLC.
Personal CAD Systems Pextra Corporation
Philips Semiconductor Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Physware, Inc. PiE Design Systems Inc.
Pinebush Technologies Plato Design Systems
PLDA Pleiades Design and Test Te...
Plunify Pte Ltd Pollen Technology
PolySpace Technologies Ponte Solutions Inc.
Portable Stimulus Working G... PowerEscape, Inc.
Praesagus, Inc. Precedence Inc.
Precim Corp Precise Software Technologi...
ProDesign Electronic GmbH Progressant Technologies, Inc.
Project Technology Inc. Prolific, Inc.
ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc. ProSoft Oy
Protecode Protel International Pty, Ltd.
Provis Corporation prpl foundation
Pulsic Pyxis Technology
Q Design Automation Q Point Technology
QPX GmbH Quad Design Technology, Inc.
Quadtree Software Corporation Qualcomm Incorporated
Qualis, Inc. Quickturn Design Systems, Inc.
R3Logic, Inc. Racal Redac
Racal Redac - VHDL simulator Racal Redac SilcSyn
Radiant Design Tools, Inc. Rambus, Inc.
Random Logic Corporation RAPID
RaveSim, Inc. RAVIcad Inc.
Ready Systems Real Intent, Inc.
Redwood Design Automation ReShape Inc
RevoSys Inc. Right Track CAD Corp.
Rio Design Automation Riscure
RivieraWaves Rocketick
Router Soutions, Inc. Royal Digital Centers, Inc.
RSoft Design Group Inc. Runtime Design Automation
S2C Inc. S3 Group
Sabio Labs Safelogic
Sagantec Sage Design Automation, Inc.
Samsung Foundry Sand Microelectronics
Sandburst Sandwork Design, Inc.
Sankalp Semiconductor SCALD Corporation
SciFace Software GmbH & Co. KG SDA Systems Inc.
Sedco See Technologies
Seed Solutions Inc. SEMI
Semiconductor Manufacturing... Semifore, Inc.
Sente Inc. Sequence Design
SETO Software GmbH Shiva Multisystems Corp.
Si2 Si2 Open3D Technical Adviso...
Sibridge Technologies SiCAD Inc.
Sidense Corp. Sierra Design Automation
Sigma-C Software AG Signal Integrity Software, ...
Signetics Corporation Sigrity, Inc.
SilabTech Pvt Ltd. Silc Technologies
Silerity Inc Silexica
Silicon Architects Silicon Canvas, Inc.
Silicon Cloud International... Silicon Compiler Systems Corp.
Silicon Compilers Inc. Silicon Creations, LLC
Silicon Design Labs Silicon Design Solutions
Silicon Forest Research inc. Silicon Frontline Technolog...
Silicon Logic Engineering Silicon Metrics Corporation
Silicon Perspective Corp. Silicon Solutions Corporation
Silicon Sorcery Silicon Storage Technology,...
Silicon Valley Research Silicon West
SiliconBlue Technologies Co... SiliconGate LDA
Siliconware Precision Indus... Silvaco, Inc.
Silvar-Lisco, Inc. Simon Software
Simpleware Simplex Solutions
Simucad Design Automation Inc. Simucad Inc.
Simulation Technologies Corp SimuQuest, Inc.
Simutech Corporation SiVerion, Inc.
SkillCAD, Inc. SmartDV Technologies
Smartech Oy SmartPlay Technologies
SMIC Snaketech
SOISIC Solido Design Automation Inc.
Solidware Technologies, Inc. Sonic Focus Inc
Sonics, Inc. Sonnet Software, Inc.
Space Codesign Systems, Inc. Spectrum Services
Speedgate Inc. SpeedSim Inc.
SpinCircuit Inc SpiraTech Limited
SPIRIT Consortium Springsoft
SRF Technologies, LLC STAAR Corporation
Stanford University Stanza Systems, Inc.
STATS ChipPAC Stelar Tools LLC
STMicroelectronics Summit Design
Summit Design (new) Sunrise Test Systems, Inc.
sureCore Ltd Surefire Verification Inc.
Swanson Analysis Systems, Inc. SwitchCore AB
Sycon Design Symbionics Group Ltd.
Symica, LLC Synapse Design Automation Inc.
Synchronous Design Automation Synergy DataWorks
Synfora, Inc. Synopsys Optical Solutions
Synopsys Silicon Library Bu... Synopsys, Inc.
Synplicity, Inc. Synthesia AB
SysChip Design Technologies Systems & Networks, Inc.
Systems Science, Inc. Systolic Technology Ltd.
Tabulating Machine Company Tality Corp
Tangent Systems Corporation Tanner EDA
Tanner Research, Inc. Taray Inc.
Target Compiler Technologie... TASKING inc.
TEAM Corporation Techniques Nouvelle d'Infor...
Technology Modeling Associa... Techspert
Teja Technologies Teklatech
Tektronix CAE and CASE Divi... Tektronix debug IP
Tektronix, Inc. Tela Innovations
Telesis Systems Corp Telos Venture Partnership
Tempus Fugit, Inc. Tenison Design Automation
Tensilica TeraRoute LLC
Test and Verification Solut... Test Design Automation grou...
Tharas Systems, Inc. The Silicon Group, Inc.
THEDA electronic design sof... Tiempo
TIMA laboratory Timing Designer Technology
Timing Designer Technology ... Titan Corporation
Tokyo Electron Ltd. TOOL Corporation
Tool-sha Corporation Tortuga Logic
Tower Semiconductor, Ltd. TowerJazz
Transcendent Design Technol... Transcription Enterprises, ...
TransEDA PLC Translogic Polska sp z o.o.
Transmeta Corporation Transwitch Corp
TriCN Associates LLC TriMedia Technologies Inc
Trimeter Technologies TriQuest Design Automation ...
Triscend Corporation True Circuits, Inc.
Truechip Solutions Pvt. Ltd. TSMC
TSSI TSSI assets
TTP Commujnications, PLC Ultima Interconnect Technol...
UltraSoC UMC
UniCAD Inc. Uniquify, Inc.
Unisys Corporation Unisys silicon design opera...
University of California at... University of Cambridge, Co...
University of Paderborn University of Washington
Valid Logic Systems Valiosys
Valor Computerized Systems ... Valtrix Systems
Valydate Inc. Vantage Analysis Systems, Inc.
VaST Systems Technology Cor... VAutomation
Vayavya Labs VCX Database
VCX Software Ltd. Vennsa Technologies
VeraTest, Inc. Veribest
Veridae systems Inc. VeriFast Technologies
Verific Design Automation, ... Verification IP assets of Q...
Verification Technology Co.... Verifyter AB
Verilux Design Technology Verisity Ltd.
Veritools, Inc. Verplex Systems Inc.
VeSys Limited VHDL International
videantis GmbH Video Logic
Viewlogic PCB/Systems Unit Viewlogic Systems, Inc.
Virage Logic Corporation VirSim Tool
Virtio Corporation Virtual Chips Inc.
Virtual Machine Works Virtual Silicon Technology ...
VivEng Vizef Ltd.
VLAB Works VLSI technology Inc.
Volcano Communications Tech... VR Information Systems
Vreelin Engineering Inc. VSIA
Wavetek Microelectronics Co... Westport Technologies Inc.
Whitesmiths Ltd WinterLogic, Inc.
XCAT Inc. Xentec Inc.
Xilinx Inc. Xpedion Design Systems
XS Embedded GmbH XtremeEDA
Xyalis Xynetix Design Systems, Inc
Zeelan technology Zeland Software, Inc.
Zenasis Technology Zentera Systems, Inc.
Zerosoft Inc. Zocalo Tech, Inc.
Zuken Inc. Zycad Corporation
Zycad Lightspeed technology Zycad System VHDL Unit
Zycad TSS