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Real Intent, Inc.
Static tools for RTL functional verification, CDC sign-off, and constraint management


Real Intent's software products work at the RTL and gate-level of design in the area of functional verification. By employing static technologies, it accelerates sign-off of RTL source code that would overwhelm simulation. Specific areas that are addressed include linting (syntactic and semantic analysis), autoformal verification, X-propagation and reset optimization, clock-domain crossing analysis and SDC constraints management. Real Intent's software has been used on designs exceeding 500M gates in size.

Executive Insight: Prakash Narain
Real Intent’s president and CEO talks about risky decisions, M&A activity in EDA, where the future opportunities are, and what changes are needed to reshape the industry.

  • Founded by: Rajiv Kumar in 1999
  • Founded by: Prakash Narain in 1999
  • HQ: Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  • Known for: RTL analysis, formal verification, CDC sign-off, SDC constraints management
  • Web: URL
  • Entity Type: Company