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WinterLogic, Inc.
Distributed fault simulation software

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In the 1990s, an engineering group from ZYCAD, who provided a hardware accelerator for fault simulation, began work on a software version of their compiler. Soon they created a spinoff company called Provis to commercialize the new technology, and ZOIX was commercially launched by Provis in 2000. By 2005 Provis was running out of venture capital money. Three of its employees acquired the company’s assets in an employee buyout and founded WinterLogic.

ZOIX, is a concurrent (typically 2000 faults at a time), functional fault simulator that analyzes a test suite’s ability to detect manufacturing defects and design errors. The tool supports multi-CPUs.


  • WinterLogic, Inc. acquired Provis Corporation in 2005
    • Three employees of Provis bought the company's assets and launched WinterLogic with the technology.

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