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Vigyan Singhal
Formal verification technologist and founder of Jasper and Oski


In 2005 Vigyan Singhal founded Oski Technology which is a services company dedicated to helping people understand and adopt formal technologies. He served as their CEO until 2018, when he took the title of Chief Oski.

In 1999 Singhal founded Tempus Fugit, which became Jasper Design Automation in 2003 and acquired by Cadence in 2014. He was President and CEO until 2003 and CTO until 2005.

His early career was spent at Cadence and he spent time at Cadence Berkeley Labs working on an equivalence checker.

Vigyan Singhal was born in Northern India and received his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. He obtained an MS CE and PhD in formal verification from University of California at Berkeley.

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