Special Reports

Big Trouble At 3nm

By: Mark LaPedus

Costs of developing a complex chip could run as high as $1.5B, while power/performance ...
Progress And Chaos On Road To Autonomy

By: Jeff Dorsch

Development of autonomous vehicle technology is happening everywhere, but not as quickl...
FPGAs Becoming More SoC-Like

By: Ann Steffora Mutschler

Lines blur as processors are added into traditional FPGAs, and programmability is added...

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Top Stories

Quantum Computing Becoming Real

Technology has the potential to reshape processing everywhere, starting with limited sc...

Dealing With Resistance In Chips

Contacts and interconnects becoming more problematic at each new node, but with fixes c...

Defining Edge Memory Requirements

Edge compute covers a wide range of applications. Understanding bandwidth and capacity ...

IoT Wireless Battles Ahead

Tradeoffs include power, performance, security. Each standard has its own benefits and ...

CEO Outlook On Chip Industry

Part 3: The growing impact of security on design, and where the discontinuities and opp...

Chip Dis-Integration

Continued integration is no longer the natural way forward for semiconductors. What nee...

Near-Threshold Issues Deepen

Process variation plus timing are adding to low-power challenges at the most advanced n...

Complexity, Reliability And Cost

Fraunhofer EAS's top scientist digs into new technical and business challenges shaping ...

Advanced Packaging Confusion

Number of options and naming conventions are causing consternation throughout the semic...

Farming Goes High-Tech

Security and data requirements in ag tech are looking remarkably similar to automotive ...

The Growing Materials Challenge

New applications and continued device scaling are putting increasing emphasis on materi...

Extending The IC Roadmap

Imec's An Steegen sees advanced packaging as a critical component of future scaling, in...

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Latest News

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

Intel CEO resigns; Lam rejects mini-offer; mixed memories.

The Week In Review: Design

New tools: power analysis, physical verification, CDC, and mor...

The Week in Review: IoT

Marvell notes; acquisitions; cybersecurity bill.

Blog Review: June 20

FD-SOI vs. finFET; OpenACC; materials and scaling; metrology a...

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Manufacturing Bits: June 19

Cellulose nanopaper; superconducting MoPs; oxide films.

Power/Performance Bits: June 19

Tandem solar reaches 25.2% efficiency; battery-free implants; ...

System Bits: June 19

Faster medical image analysis; soft machines; simulating water.

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Startup Corner

Syntiant: Analog Deep Learning Chips

Intel Capital funds startup to put AI in low-power mobile devi...

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