Special Reports

The Bumpy Road To 5G

By: Ed Sperling

How pervasive will this new wireless technology actually become, and what problems stil...
EUV’s New Problem Areas

By: Mark LaPedus

Random variations will require new methodologies, tools and cooperation among different...
Anatomy Of An Autonomous Vehicle Crash

By: Ann Steffora Mutschler

Accidents happen, but with self-driving cars a crash is only the beginning.

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Top Stories

Can Big Data Help Coverage Closure?

When does a large amount of data become Big Data, and could system-level verification b...

Applying Machine Learning To Chips

Goal is to improve quality while reducing time to revenue, but it's not always so clear...

Merging Verification With Validation

Are these really separate tasks, or just a limitation of tools and flows?

DSA Re-Enters Litho Picture

Why this technology is getting a serious look at 5/3nm and beyond, and who's driving it.

Non-Traditional Chips Gaining Steam

Flexible hybrid electronics are showing up in a variety of markets where electronics ne...

More Lithography/Mask Challenges

Experts at the Table, part 1: EUV ramps up, but high-volume manufacturing isn't likely ...

IIoT Security Threat Rising

Rising value of data and growing complexity driving sense or urgency.

The Next 5 Years Of Chip Technology

Experts at the Table, part 3: The impact of reduced process variation; automotive chip ...

LiDAR Goes Back To The Future

While the technology continues to be developed for automated driving, it is finding oth...

Why All Nodes Won’t Work

Cost of porting tools and IP will limit choices at partial nodes and create confusion a...

IP And Power

How can power be optimized across an entire chip when most of a chip's content comes fr...

New Issues In Advanced Packaging

The race is on to simulate thermal and electromagnetic effects.

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Latest News

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

Trump trade war; KLA buys Orbotech; ASE supplier awards; 2G.

The Week in Review: IoT

Startup funding; Aricent acquisition; FogHorn and Google.

The Week In Review: Design

Synopsys buys SerDes IP firm, integrates tools in RTL-to-GDSII...

Blog Review: Mar. 21

Embedded tips; semi rankings; tracing assertions; cybersecurit...

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Manufacturing Bits: March 20

Giant thermometer; hyperspectral imaging; neutron diffraction.

System Bits: March 20

Algorithm transparency; selfie drone; quantum effects; machine...

Power/Performance Bits: Mar. 20

Batteries: proton prototype; mitigating dendrites; Li-ion stru...

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Startup Corner

Xceler Systems: Graph Architecture

Startup building AI chip like a brain, a few synapses at a tim...

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