Special Reports

Shedding Pounds In Automotive Electronics

By: Susan Rambo

Weight is suddenly a major concern for carmakers, but slimming down has repercussions.
How To Build An Automotive Chip

By: Ann Steffora Mutschler

Changing standards, stringent requirements and a mix of expertise make this a tough mar...
Using Sensor Data To Improve Yield And Uptime

By: Ed Sperling

Deeper understanding of equipment behavior and market needs will have broad impact acro...

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Top Stories

EUV Arrives, But More Issues Ahead

Improvement still needed for uptime, defectivity, line edge roughness and process flows.

Making Chip Packaging Simpler

The promise of advanced packaging is being able to integrate heterogeneous chips, but a...

EUV Mask Readiness Challenges

Experts at the Table, Part 1: 250W power source appears sustainable and reliable, but d...

Gaps In 5G Test

Millimeter wave technology will require a whole new approach to ensuring reliability.

The Growing Challenge Of Thermal ...

Margin is still necessary, but it needs to be applied more precisely than in the past.

Using Less Power At The Same Node

When going to a smaller node is no longer an option, how do you get better power perfor...

Memory Tradeoffs Intensify in AI,...

Why choosing memories and architecting them into systems is becoming much more difficult.

Using Analog For AI

Can mixed-signal architectures boost artificial intelligence performance using less power?

Micro-Mobility Market Potential W...

From e-scooters to robotaxis, transportation is undergoing massive shifts.

Finding Defects In Chips With Mac...

Better algorithms and more data could bolster adoption, particularly at advanced nodes.

Domain Expertise Becoming Essenti...

More data doesn't mean much unless you know what to do with it.

Next Wave Of Security For IIoT

New technology, approaches will provide some protection, but gaps still remain.

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Latest News

Blog Review: Mar. 20

Toward domain-specific architectures; floating point in embedd...

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

SkyHigh Memory; battle for Versum; embedded JV.

Week in Review: IoT, Security, Auto

Apple patents; Huawei woes; Uber rumor.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Nvidia buys Mellanox; Sonics closes; RTL synthesis; USB4 VIP; ...

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Manufacturing Bits: March 19

Exascale computers; controlling noise.

System Bits: March 19

Sustainable nanomesh; beyond 5G; photonics device.

Power/Performance Bits: Mar. 19

Explainable AI; low-power ASIC for small robots; ionic transis...

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Startup Corner

Rogue Valley Microdevices: MEMS F...

Oregon-based specialty fab takes different approach.

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