The Secret to Reaching Rapid Verification Closure

Every design team is looking to reduce RTL verification time in order to meet aggressive schedules. Successful teams have moved their level of design abstraction up to the C++ or [gettech id="31018" comment="SystemC"] level and employ [getkc id="105" comment="high-level synthesis"] (HLS) within their design flow. By taking advantage of this high-level description, these teams also plug into int... » read more

IoT Designs Evolving

IoT hardware is beginning to take shape across a variety of vertical markets, and devices are looking far different from the initial concepts. They're smarter, more targeted, and in most cases custom-built for specific applications. The concept of connected things is hardly a new one. Students at Carnegie Mellon University added sensors into a vending machine in the early 1980s to remotely m... » read more