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People Vs. Self-Driving Cars

By: Susan Rambo

Why auto tech companies are so concerned about interactions with humans.
Big Changes For Mainstream Chip Architectures

By: Ed Sperling

AI-enabled systems are being designed to process more data locally as device scaling be...
Is provigil used for adhd

By: Mark LaPedus

Market overcrowding, more efficient manufacturing, and growing list of scaling issues c...

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Is Cloud Computing Suitable for Chip Design?

Semiconductor design lags behind other industries in adopting the cloud, but there coul...

Betting Big On Discontinuity

Mentor's CEO looks at the impact of AI and machine learning, what's after Moore's Law, ...

Domain Crossing Nightmares

Experts at the Table, part 1: How many domain crossings exist in a typical SoC today an...

EUV Pellicle, Uptime And Resist Issues Continue

Problems won't derail next-gen litho, but could limit use and affect schedules.

Machine Learning Shifts More Work to FPGAs, SoCs

SoC bandwidth, integration expand as data centers use more FPGAs for machine learning.

Cryogenic Etch Re-Emerges

Technology could play a bigger role in 3D NAND, but control and cost remain problematic.

Variation’s Long, Twisty Tail Worsens At 7/5nm

Multiple sources of variability are causing unexpected problems in everything from AI c...

SiC Chip Demand Surges

Electric vehicles drive up market for silicon carbide power semiconductors, but cost re...

Auto Chip Design, Test Changes Ahead

Which tools and methodologies will work best to ensure electronics operate for extended...

Survey: EUV Optimism Grows

Photomask business is expanding despite several challenges.

Aging In Advanced Nodes

Experts at the Table, part 1: Why aging and reliability no longer can be addressed with...

Enabling Cheaper Design

At what point does cheaper design enable a significant growth in custom semiconductor c...

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Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Automotive processor; photonics PDK; low-power SRAM.

Blog Review: Sept. 26

GF CEO explains new strategy; data security one year after Equ...

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Manufacturing Bits: Sept. 25

Simulating quarks and gluons; giant neutrino detector, chess.

System Bits: Sept. 25

Schottky diodes get better equations; quantum computers; new q...

Power/Performance Bits: Sept. 25

Heat transfer in 2D materials; nanoscale heat transfer; lithiu...

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Baum: Finding SoC Power Flaws

Identifying power design flaws early with time/power-use analy...

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