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Anacad Electrical Engineering Software GmbH

Analog and mixed-signal design software


The analog and mixed-signal products offer designers the ability to mix circuit-level and behavioral-level descriptions, make tradeoffs in simulation performance and accuracy required by large designs and take full advantage of design reuse, for example SPICE(TM) descriptions and models. This multi-level analog and mixed-signal simulation technology is enhanced by a full suite of optimization, model characterization and yield analysis capabilities.
ANACAD’s simulation technology provides users with an A&M-S platform that supports top-down design from systems to silicon. Customers no longer need to choose between an analog simulator designed for integrated circuits or an analog simulator designed for systems. ANACAD’s Eldo has proven successful in both applications, and has helped to successfully complete integrated circuit designs of more than 200,000 transistors.

  • Founded by: Hazem El Tahawy in 1982
  • HQ: Ulm, Germany
  • Known for: analog, mixed-signal,
  • Other names: Anacad
  • Type: Company