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IC Test And Quality Requirements Drive New Collaboration

Tight integration of test equipment, monitors, and analytics are beyond the scope of one company, accelerating data sharing and the breakdown of si...

Progress In Wafer And Package Level Defect Inspection

Advances in imaging systems aim to improve throughput without sacrificing measurement accuracy.

New Strategies For Interpreting Data Variability

Engineers are using multiple visual and statistical methods to separate anomalies from critical data.

DTCO/STCO Create Path For Faster Yield Ramps

A holistic approach can improve reliability and reduce defects, but it has to start early in the design cycle.

AI/ML Challenges In Test and Metrology

New tools are changing the game, but it will take time and collaboration for them to achieve their full potential.

Strategies For Detecting Sources Of Silent Data Corruption

Manufacturing screening needs improvement, but that won't solve all problems. SDCs will require tools and methodologies that are much broader and d...

Adaptive Test Ramps For Data Intelligence Era

Timely changes to test programs will speed throughput, but one big hurdle remains.

Hidden Costs And Tradeoffs In IC Quality

Why balancing the costs of semiconductor test and reliability is increasingly difficult.

Inspection, Metrology Issues In Advanced Packages

How to ensure that chips and chiplets will work as expected inside a package.

Glass Substrates Gain Foothold In Advanced Packages

Problems need to be solved before this technology goes mainstream, but the benefits are significant.

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Inspection, Metrology Issues In Advanced Packages

How to ensure that chips and chiplets will work as expected inside a package.

Applying ML In Failure Analysis

When and where machine learning is best used, and how to choose the right model.

Isolating Critical Data In Failure Analysis

Why a shortage of data often impedes root-cause analysis.

Streamlining Failure Analysis Of Chips

Identifying nm-sized defects in a substrate, mixing FA with metrology, and the role of ML in production.

Data, System Reliability, and Privacy

Sharing data from design to the field can improve reliability, but it raises other questions for which there are no clear answers today.

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Cost And Quality Of Chiplets

Why adaptive test is becoming necessary in heterogeneous designs.

Yield Tracking In RDL

How to identify defects in panel-level packages, and why that's needed for generative AI in data centers.

Reducing Power In Data Centers

New approaches to improving utilization while reducing guard-banding.

Using Deep Data For Improved Reliability Testing

Using internal data to determine failure rates and how close an individual device is to failure.

Total Overlay With Multiple RDLs

Unexpected problems that can develop throughout the whole RDL stack.

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Intelligent Innovation

Using Automatic Defect Classification To Reduce The Escap...

A combination of machine learning algorithms can improve accuracy and streaml...
April 9, 2024
Silicon Lifecycle Management

Reimagining PVT Monitoring IP For Advanced Node GAA Process

On-chip sensing technology is shifting towards digital techniques.
April 9, 2024
Speeding Time To Market

The Need For Speed: Wi-Fi 7 And The Era Of Ultra-Fast Int...

Challenges in assessing the performance of high-speed wireless devices under ...
April 9, 2024
Inspecting The Future

X-ray Inspection In The Semiconductor Industry

Utilizing multiple technologies helps create a more complete inspection picture.
March 12, 2024
Surface Measurement And Analysis

Laser Wavelength Selection In Raman

Selecting the correct wavelength for an application depends on factors like r...
March 12, 2024
Health & Performance Monitoring

Examining The Impact Of Chip Power Reduction On Data Cent...

Moving beyond conventional adaptive voltage scaling methods.
March 12, 2024
The Human Machine Interface

True Zero Trust Combats IC Manufacturing Security Challenges

A containment system enables AI on the test floor without the fear of securit...
February 8, 2024
Next-Generation Test

Partnership To Improve Semiconductor Quality And Yield

A siloed approach to data analytics has limited the scope and impact of the s...
February 8, 2024
Yield Intelligence

Installing Yield Software Early In A Ramp Up

Yield ramp success depends on the accessibility of data for cross-correlation...
October 10, 2023
Editor's Note

The Importance Of Layering Data

There is plenty of data being generated, but not enough people have access to...
January 11, 2022

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Silicon Photonics Manufacturing Ramps Up

The promise of photonics ICs is spurring innovation, but complex processes and a lack of open foundries are keeping it from reaching its full potential.

Chip Industry Week In Review

Applied Materials' $4B facility at risk; AI chip bonanza; Japan, U.S. alliance; Rapidus' U.S. subsidiary; EDA revenue up; TSMC $6.6B funding; Infineon, Amkor team up; S. Korea's big bet; Apple's processor overhaul; high-NA EUVL defect system; chiplet HW security module; new Spectre attack.

Chip Industry Week In Review

China restricts U.S. processors; Samsung's CXL, DRAM module and roadmap; ASML's $2.7B retention bonus; U.S., Mexico partner up; Keysight's $1.5B offer to Spirent; Lam's new pulsed laser deposition; new OSAT center.

Digital Twins Target IC Tool And Fab Efficiency

Virtual representations will improve performance and productivity across the entire design through manufacturing flow, but deployments will vary in effectiveness and timelines.

Early STEM Education Key To Growing Future Chip Workforce

Community outreach and partnerships can drive interest in STEM subjects and chip jobs among children, parents, and teachers.