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Logic Chip, Heal Thyself

Will self-healing chips put longevity and safety into automotive-bound electronics?

More Data, More Problems In Automotive

Data is becoming more useful and timely, but not everyone has access to it.

Failure Analysis Becoming Critical To Reliability

Once confined to analyzing returns, it now is shifting left and right as more data analytics are applied to both digital and analog.

Making 3D Structures And Packages More Reliable

Challenges and solutions for finding defects in new structures and multi-chip integration.

Big Growth Areas: Connectivity, AI, Reliability

Where the chip industry is heading this year, and where the biggest fallout will occur.

The Growing Challenges Of 5G Reliability

Rapid changes in next-gen wireless technology and standards are only adding to the complexity.

Gaps Emerge In Test And Analytics

Comparison data is required for understanding drift and AI changes, but that's not so simple.

Testing In Context Gaining Ground

Why simple pass/fail testing no longer works.

Different Ways To Improve Chip Reliability

Push toward zero defects requires more and different kinds of test in new places.

Test In New Frontiers: Flexible Circuits

How test is keeping up with technology changes.

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Round Tables

New 5G Hurdles

Experts at the Table, part 2: Getting 5G standards and technology ready are only part of the problem. Reducing latency and developing applications ...

Preparing For A 5G World

Experts at the table, part 1: Rising costs, massive complexity, and challenges in testing and simulating these devices will require some fundamenta...

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Scan Diagnosis

What causes expected values in a scan test to change?

Testing Autonomous Vehicles

Why left-hand turns are so difficult, and other issues you probably never thought about.

How To Ensure Reliability

Using holistic product quality as a metric for determine how a device will function over its lifetime.

Using Machine Learning To Break Down Silos

Different ways to use ML in semiconductor manufacturing.

How 5G Affects Test

How to ensure millimeter wave technology will be reliable enough.

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Editor's Note

Making Light More Reliable

Silicon photonics is a promising technology, but it may take a while.
February 11, 2020
Yield Management

Extreme Quality Semiconductor Manufacturing

Part 2: Future node ICs
Scaling Electronics

Using Machine Learning To Gain Data Insights

How advanced analytics can yield advanced visibility.
Test For The Autonomous Age

An Optimal Path To DFT Automation

End-to-End automation keeps DFT out of the critical path.
Semiconductor Yield Management

6 Signs You Need A Yield Management System

Telltale signs that the old way of doing things doesn't keep up anymore.
Accelerating Design & Test

Better Object Arrangement In Block Diagrams

Reducing unnecessary wire bends in diagrams by making a standard terminal size.
January 14, 2020
Inside Big Data

Reducing Automotive Failure Rates With QPaaS

The increasing semiconductor content in today's vehicles heightens their vuln...
December 10, 2019
Extraordinary ASICs

Deprocessing And SEM For Semiconductor Failure Analysis

Finding failure sites that are hidden from optical view.
July 9, 2019

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The MCU Dilemma

Microcontroller vendors are breaking out of the box that has constrained them for years. Will new memory types and RISC-V enable the next round of changes?

Moving To GAA FETs

Why finFETs are running out of steam, and what happens next.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Semi M&A strong in 2019; Qorvo buys Decawave; Presto buys Delta.

Chips, Business And The Coronavirus

Broad implications for a global supply chain.

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