Special Reports

Using Sensor Data To Improve Yield And Uptime

By: Ed Sperling

Deeper understanding of equipment behavior and market needs will have broad impact acro...
In-Memory Computing Challenges Come Into Focus

By: Katherine Derbyshire

Researchers digging into ways around the von Neumann bottleneck.
China’s Foundry Biz Takes Big Leap Forward

By: Mark LaPedus

30 facilities planned, including 10/7nm processes, but trade war and economic factors c...

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Top Stories

In-Memory Vs. Near-Memory Computing

New approaches are competing for attention as scaling benefits diminish.

Mixed Outlook For Silicon Wafer Biz

300mm market softening, 200mm still strong.

Using AI Data For Security

Pushing data processing to the edge has opened up new security risks, and lots of new o...

Gearing Up For 5G

This new communications standard could transform architectural decisions across the ind...

Adapting Mobile To A Post-Moore’s Law Era

New techniques, architectures and approaches are making up for a reduction in scaling b...

Why Analog Designs Fail

Analog circuitry stopped following Moore’s Law a long time ago, but that hasn't alway...

Blockchain May Be Overkill for Most IIoT Security

Without an efficient blockchain template for IoT, other options are better.

Mapping The Impact Of Heat On Photonics

Thermal effects are difficult to quantify, but they can disrupt optical signals and red...

Lithography Challenges For Fan-out

Advanced packaging moves into high-volume mobile markets, but requires more sophisticat...

Reliability Becomes The Top Concern In Automotive

Extended lifetimes and advanced-node designs are driving new approaches, but not everyt...

VCSEL Technology Takes Off

iPhone X elevates niche optical technology to hot growth market. Now the question is wh...

Issues In Designing 5G Beamforming Antennas

Assuring quality under changing conditions with shifting standards and use models is a ...

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Latest News

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

Foundry process roadmaps; Hynix fabs; KLA-Orbotech.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Arm's infrastructure-class platforms; formal RISC-V ISA compli...

Week in Review: IoT, Security, Auto

Internet of Cows; Russian hacking; AI for AVs.

Blog Review: Feb. 20

Compression for 8k displays; silicon photonics; sensor accurac...

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Manufacturing Bits: Feb. 19

Computed Axial Lithography; dichroic cups.

System Bits: Feb. 19

Sustainable 3D printing; clearer car vision; organic semi mate...

Power/Performance Bits: Feb. 19

Energy harvesting rectenna; photonic quantum repeater; more st...

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Startup Corner

Kumu Networks: Full Duplex on One...

Well-funded startup offers self-interference cancellation tech...

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Boosting Analog Reliability

Thermal Guard-Banding

AI In Chip Manufacturing

Edge Inferencing Challenges

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