Special Reports

Winners And Losers At The Edge

By: Ed Sperling

No company owns this market yet — and won't for a very long time.
China Speeds Up Advanced Chip Development

By: Mark LaPedus

Efforts underway to develop 7nm, DRAM, 3D NAND, and EUV domestically as trade war escal...
Interconnect Challenges Grow, Tools Lag

By: Brian Bailey

More data, smaller devices are hitting the limits of current technology. The fix may b...

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Top Stories

Smaller Nodes, Much Bigger Problems

Ansys' chief technologist digs into looming issues with device scaling, advanced packag...

Why Safety-Critical Verification Is So Difficult

Experts at the Table: Proprietary hardware makes software development more difficult; h...

Maximizing Value Post-Moore’s Law

The value of a semiconductor can be difficult to measure because it involves costs and ...

Moving Data And Computing Closer Together

This is far from simple, but the power/performance and latency benefits are potentially...

Designing For Extreme Low Power

Power is becoming a differentiator in many designs, and for IoT and edge devices it may...

Power Impact At The Physical Layer Causes Downstream Effects

PHYs have a growing impact on performance and power in both planar and multi-die designs.

Startup Funding: June 2020

Sixteen startups draw $661M in June; big funding for chips in China; more quantum start...

Advanced Packaging Makes Testing More Complex

Why 2.5D, 3D, and other advanced packaging types are driving new standards and approach...

Monitoring IC Abnormalities Before Failures

Deep and widespread dedicated circuitry for monitoring internal states supports deeper ...

Data Becomes Key For Next-Gen Chips

Understanding how to utilize data from multiple sources is major challenge and opportun...

Chip Reliability Vs. Cost

CEO Outlook: Market shifts, higher productivity per engineer and the overhead and oppor...

Are Better Machine Training Approaches Ahead?

Why unsupervised, reinforcement and Hebbian approaches are good for some things, but no...

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Latest News

Blog Review: July 15

Building secure chips; accurate safety analysis; switching arc...

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

Updated: ADI buys Maxim; PC boom; packaging inspection.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Arm to focus on IP, shed IoT services; Imagination's new autom...

Week In Review: Auto, Security, P...

Neural networks in space; Arm IoT to transfer to SoftBank; EV ...

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Manufacturing Bits: July 14

3D complementary FETs; 2D MoS2 FETs.

Power/Performance Bits: July 14

5G switches; sound storage; ML for batteries.

Manufacturing Bits: July 6

Luminosity record; faster X-ray diffraction; dark energy.

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Startup Corner

Verification Technology Comes To ...

EDA startup VTech provides bus performance analysis and FPGA d...

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Ensuring HBM Reliability

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Rising Packaging Complexity

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