Special Reports

Four Foundries Back MRAM

By: Mark LaPedus

Next-gen embedded memory technology ramps up in wake of flash scaling issues.
The Secret Life Of Accelerators

By: Ed Sperling

Unique machine learning algorithms, diminished benefits from scaling, and a need for mo...
What’s After FinFETs?

By: Mark LaPedus

Chipmakers exploring nanosheet, nanoslab, nano-ring and hexagonal FETs.

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Top Stories

IP Biz Changes As Markets Fragment

Experts at the Table, part 2: Tracking IP and potential issues; dealing with multiple v...

Why Fabs Worry About Tool Parts

How a single O ring can affect yield, and what to do about it.

Using Data To Improve Yield

Information technology adds big efficiency boost to industrial operations.

What Is Spin Torque MRAM?

Everspin's CEO drills down into new memory types, why and where they're needed, and why...

How Reliable Are FinFETs?

Chipmakers wrestle with EOS, ESD and other power-related issues as leading-edge chips a...

Auto Suppliers: More Than Chips

Not all suppliers to the automotive industry are providing semiconductors and system-le...

Applying Machine Learning

NetSpeed’s CEO talks about the benefits and challenges of using machine learning to o...

Using CNNs To Speed Up Systems

Just relying on faster processor clock speeds isn't sufficient for vision processing, a...

Is Design Innovation Slowing?

The answer appears to be a resounding no, but innovation isn't necessarily happening in...

IP Challenges Ahead

Part 2: For the IP industry to remain healthy it has to constantly innovate, but it's g...

The Rising Value Of Data

Race begins to figure out what else can be done with data. But not all data is useful, ...

Cheaper Fan-Outs Ahead

Demand for lower cost drives R&D for panel-level packaging. But which size?

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Latest News

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

Taiwan blackout; Xcerra deal blocked?; inspection; hype cycle.

The Week In Review: IoT

LightSquared’s revival; Qualcomm, Logicalis team; IoT data m...

The Week In Review: Design

Qualcomm buys ML startup; automotive IC growth; Synopsys' resu...

Blog Review: Aug. 16

3D logic; when to hack a car; market predictions; jittery cloc...

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Manufacturing Bits: Aug. 22

Weighing protons; measuring antihydrogens.

System Bits: Aug. 22

Bioimaging; smart mats; tracking drones.

Power/Performance Bits: Aug. 22

USB data leakage; choosing the right battery; rechargeable zin...

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Startup Corner

Performance-IP: Less Memory Latency

Embedded IP improves performance by identifying and isolating ...

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