Special Reports

Quantum Plus AI Widens Cyberattack Threat Concerns

By: John Koon

Post-quantum cryptography must be applied now to prevent hackers from decoding today's data when quantum computers become avail...
The Threat Of Supply Chain Insecurity

By: Ann Mutschler

Counterfeit chips are a key piece of the growing security problem, but there are signs of improvement.
Sweeping Changes For Leading-Edge Chip Architectures

By: Ed Sperling

Large language models and huge data volumes are prompting innovation at every level.

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Top Stories

Building Better Bridges In Advanced Packaging

Leading-edge applications, from biotech to co-packaged optics, require choices in archi...

When And Where To Implement AI/ML In Fabs

Smarter tools can improve process control, identify the causes of excursions, and accel...

Ferroelectric Memories Answer Call For Non-Volatile Alternatives

Researchers target NVMs that are compatible with CMOS logic.

Why Chiplets Don’t Work For All Designs

Getting this wrong can increase power and cost, while reducing performance.

Patterns And Issues In AI Chip Design

Devices are getting smarter, but they're also consuming more energy and harder to archi...

The Race Toward Quantum Advantage

Enormous amounts of money have been invested into quantum computing, but so far it has ...

Managing P/P Tradeoffs With Voltage Droop Gets Trickier

Higher current densities set against lower power envelopes makes meeting specs more cha...

Startup Funding: August 2023

Investors funnel $4.2 billion into startups; AI hardware, automotive draw the most atte...

Fab And Field Data Transforming Manufacturing Processes

Data from on-chip monitors can help predict and prevent failures, as well as improve de...

Customizing IC Test To Improve Yield And Reliability

Identifying chip performance specs earlier can shorten the time it takes for processes ...

Improving Reliability In Chips

Experts at the Table: Tracing device quality throughout its expected lifetime.

Designing Vehicles Virtually

Increasing electronic content will require more simulation to keep pace with growing co...

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Latest News

Chip Industry Week In Review

GF's 10 year contract; DoD awards $238M; Intel’s glass substrates; China’s materials ban kicks in; UK PM backtracks on EVs; breaches in AI accelerators; quant...

Blog Review: September 20

Rigid-flex PCBs; multi-physics effects on multi-die systems; chip design computation and storage requirements; AI memory challenges; modeling MOSFETs.

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Research Bits: September 19

Measuring lithography plasma sources; hexagonal boron nitride ...

Chip Industry’s Technical Paper Roundup: Sept 19

Formally verifying data-oblivious behavior in HW; extensible D...

Research Bits: September 11

Combining digital and analog; ballpoint pen for LEDs; battery ...

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Startup Corner

Startup Funding: August 2023

Investors funnel $4.2 billion into startups; AI hardware, auto...

Startup Funding: July 2023

Investors pump $2.8B into 123 companies. Topping the list are ...

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