Special Reports

Chiplet Momentum Builds, Despite Tradeoffs

By: Brian Bailey

Pre-characterized tiles can move Moore's Law forward, but it's not as easy as it looks.
5G Heats Up Base Stations

By: Kevin Fogarty

Inefficient conversion of RF to digital and continuous connectivity issues are causing ...
The Case For Embedded FPGAs Strengthens And Widens

By: Brian Bailey

Combining the flexibility of a FPGA with the performance and cost benefits of an SoC is...

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Top Stories

Is ADAS The Edge?

Uncertainty about where processing will occur is causing confusion over definitions.

Incremental System Verification

Experts at the table: Part 2. How does a PSS model get verified and who will create tha...

Can The Hardware Supply Chain Remain Secure?

The growing number of threats are cause for concern, but is it really possible to slip ...

The Growing Uncertainty Of Sign-Off At 7/5nm

Checking the electrical characteristics of circuits is becoming much more challenging.

The Limits Of Energy Harvesting

Why the promise of unlimited power in end devices has achieved only spotty success.

Raising The Abstraction Level For Power

Finding the right abstraction for power analysis and optimization comes from tool integ...

EUV Mask Gaps And Issues

Experts at the Table, part 2: EUV mask tools are ready, but pellicles and turnaround ti...

Challenges In Making And Testing STT-MRAM

Next-gen memory offers speed of SRAM and unlimited endurance, but it's not a simple tec...

Gaps Emerge In Automotive Test

Reliability requires different parts to work in sync, and much more time-consuming test...

Make Your Own Energy

Efficient use of power and energy in electric vehicles and smart buildings will require...

Creating A Roadmap For Hardware Security

Government and private organizations developing blueprints for semiconductor industry a...

April Startup Funding: Corporate Gushers

Money pours into startups with more big investments on the way.

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Latest News

HPE to Buy Cray in $1.3B Deal

Exascale computing could put HPE on a strong footing for gover...

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

Intel regains top spot in IC rankings; best tool vendors; SiC.

Week in Review: IoT, Security, Auto

Verizon’s NB-IoT; Intel bug; auto tariffs.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

SLAM DSP; DPU for VR; protocol debugging.

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Manufacturing Bits: May 14

Radiation thermometers; laser welding; AI standards.

System Bits: May 14

Faster supercomputers; quantum advances.

Power/Performance Bits: May 14

Detecting malware; colorful LEDs; supercomputer load balancing.

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Startup Corner

Uhnder: Digital Radar Chips

Startup developed a single-chip solution that will dramaticall...

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