Special Reports

Chiplets, Faster Interconnects, More Efficiency

By: Ed Sperling

Why Intel, AMD, Arm, and IBM are focusing on architectures, microarchitectures, and fun...
The Next New Memories

By: Mark LaPedus

A new crop of memories in R&D could have a big impact on future compute architectures.
Power Is Limiting Machine Learning Deployments

By: Brian Bailey

Rollouts are constrained by the amount of power consumed, and that may get worse before...

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Top Stories

Synthesizing Hardware From Software

Can a software engineer create hardware? It may be possible, but not in the way that ex...

What Is A Custom Processor?

The definition has changed, and so has the impact on the design process.

Siemens-Mentor Deal Retrospective

CEO Tony Hemmelgarn talks about autonomous cars, 5G, EDA integration and the Siemens ac...

Advanced Packaging Options Increase

But putting multiple chips into a package is still difficult and expensive.

GaN Versus Silicon For 5G

Silicon still wins in sub-6 GHz, but after that GaN looks increasingly attractive.

Wanted: More Fab Tool Part Standards

More complex equipment and advanced processes require higher reliability from thousands...

Power Modeling Standard Released

IEEE 2416 is the newly released standard for power modeling. What can we expect from it?

U.S. Consortium Pulls Ecosystem Into Quantum

Through QEDC, the U.S. government helps build industry support behind quantum computing.

Debug Tools Are Improving

Experts at the Table: How is machine learning going to impact debug, and what other imp...

Optimizing Power For Learning At The Edge

Making learning on the edge work requires a significant reduction in power, which means...

Determining Where Power Analysis Matters Most

Need for accuracy varies greatly, depending on where in the design flow it is used and ...

HBM2E: The E Stands for Evolutionary

The new version of the high bandwidth memory standard promises greater speeds and feeds...

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Latest News

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

AI chip boom or bust?; fab sensors; yield management.

Week in Review: IoT, Security, Autos

Huawei’s foldable phone; underwater IoT; North Korean malware.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Large FPGA; NAND flash controller PHY; Synopsys results.

Blog Review: Aug. 21

Autonomous barriers; RTOS time; highly accelerated life testing.

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Manufacturing Bits: Aug. 20

Making carbon nanotubes with AI; flexible tubes; printing CNTs.

System Bits: Aug. 20

Blockchain tech; quantum material; wireless wearables.

Power/Performance Bits: Aug. 20

Six-angstrom waveguide; rare earth recycling; cooling buildings.

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Startup Corner

July Startup Funding

Twenty-one startups raised mega-rounds.

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