Special Reports

Chiplets, Faster Interconnects, More Efficiency

By: Ed Sperling

Why Intel, AMD, Arm, and IBM are focusing on architectures, microarchitectures, and fun...
The Next New Memories

By: Mark LaPedus

A new crop of memories in R&D could have a big impact on future compute architectures.
Power Is Limiting Machine Learning Deployments

By: Brian Bailey

Rollouts are constrained by the amount of power consumed, and that may get worse before...

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Top Stories

FPGA Design Tradeoffs Getting Tougher

As chips grow in size, optimizing performance and power requires a bunch of new options...

3D Power Delivery

The design of the power delivery network just got a lot more complicated, and designers...

Trading Off Power And Performance Earlier In Designs

Complexity, tighter schedules require deeper understanding throughout the design flow.

Reducing Software Power

Software plays a significant role in overall power consumption, but so far there has be...

How Hardware Can Bias AI Data

Degrading sensors and other devices can skew AI data in ways that are difficult to disc...

Test On New Technology’s Frontiers

Where the gaps are and what that means for coverage and reliability.

Nvidia’s Top Technologists Discuss The Future Of GPUs

Power, performance, architectures, and making AI pervasive.

August 2019 Startup Funding Report

18 firms received more than $100 million.

Autonomous Vehicles Are Reshaping The Tech World

Even before fully autonomous vehicles blanket the road there is major upheaval at all l...

The Race For Better Computational Software

Cadence's president, Anirudh Devgan, looks at big shifts toward hardware-driven verific...

Challenges To Building Level 5 Automotive Chips

Experts at the Table: The challenges to build a single chip to handle future autonomous...

IP’s Growing Impact On Yield And Reliability

Managing IP quality and compatibility is becoming more difficult at advanced nodes and ...

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Latest News

Mixed Picture Seen For EUV Masks

The confidence level of EUV is high, but there are some gaps.

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

SiC deals and divestments; EUV mask inspection; CapEx.

Week in Review – IoT, Security,...

Arm and Swift Navigation; Avnet and Trusted Objects; Trend Micro.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

ANSYS buys Livermore Software; Synopsys' cloud deal; Rambus ac...

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Manufacturing Bits: Sept. 11

Periodic table for molecules; upside down chemistry; chem art.

Power/Performance Bits: Sept. 11

Transistor thread; MEMS microphone actuators.

System Bits: Sept. 11

Texas supercomputer; 5G/IoT network; nanoscale origami.

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Startup Corner

July’19 Startup Funding

Twenty-one startups raised mega-rounds.

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