Special Reports

5/3nm Wars Begin

By: Mark LaPedus

New transistors structures are on the horizon with new tools and processes, but there a...
Automakers Changing Tactics On Reliability

By: Susan Rambo

Focus shifts to more data-centric approaches as chip content increases.
Defining And Improving AI Performance

By: Brian Bailey

What does performance mean when discussing artificial intelligence? Many minds are work...

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Top Stories

SiC Foundry Business Emerges

Will a fabless approach work in the power semi market?

Finding Defects In EUV Masks

New litho technology is in production, but not everything is working perfectly yet.

Non-Volatile Memory Tradeoffs Intensify

Why NVM is becoming so application-specific and what the different options are.

Determining What Really Needs To Be Secured In A Chip

Experts at the Table: Why previous approaches at security have only limited success.

Analog: Avoid Or Embrace?

Data converters are required whenever you move between the analog and digital domains, ...

Priorities Shift In IC Design

AI, edge applications are driving design teams to find new ways to achieve the best per...

Moore’s Law, Supply Chains And Security

Big changes ahead, from design to deployment.

Uses And Limitations Of AI In Chip Design

OneSpin's CEO explains what's changing in AI, where it's being used, and what still has...

Making 3D Structures And Packages More Reliable

Challenges and solutions for finding defects in new structures and multi-chip integrati...

Big Growth Areas: Connectivity, AI, Reliability

Where the chip industry is heading this year, and where the biggest fallout will occur.

Auto Industry Shifts Gears On Where Data Gets Processed

How to manage massive amounts of data in real time still isn't clear, but it can't be d...

Security Risks In The Supply Chain

Trojans, a dual supply chain and industry consolidation are creating new threats for ch...

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Latest News

Blog Review: Jan. 22

Social engineering; GDS to OASIS; persistence of memories; cab...

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

ISS recap; deposition sensors; NuFlare saga; TSMC.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

AWR & eSilicon acquisitions finalized; MIPI I3C update and fut...

Week In Review: IoT, Security, Autos

Apple acquiring edge AI startup; Cadence and Broadcom on to 5n...

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Manufacturing Bits: Jan. 21

New high-frequency transistors; exotic 5G materials.

Power/Performance Bits: Jan. 21

Two-layer MRAM; perfect secrecy; self-healing batteries.

Manufacturing Bits: Jan. 13

Plastic gold; atomic gold pyramids; gold outlook.

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Startup Corner

November 2019 Startup Funding

Sixteen startups attracted funding rounds of nine figures in N...

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