Special Reports

How To Make Autonomous Vehicles Reliable

By: Ann Steffora Mutschler

Making sure ADAS designs function correctly over time will be an enormous challenge.
The Limits Of IP Reuse

By: Ed Sperling

The old model of write once, integrate many times doesn't always work. Here's why.
Four Foundries Back MRAM

By: Mark LaPedus

Next-gen embedded memory technology ramps up in wake of flash scaling issues.

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Top Stories

What Happened To ReRAM?

After years of delays, this next-gen memory is finally gaining traction.

Unsolved Litho Issues At 7nm

Computational challenges on the rise with EUV. Scanners are no longer interchangeable.

Challenges Mount For Photomasks

Optical proximity correction, EUV pellicles, inverse lithography and actinic inspection...

Managing Peak Power

Slimmer margins and more data create big challenges for 5G mobile devices, infrastructu...

Power Modeling and Analysis

Experts at the Table, part 2: What does a power model look like and how do you ensure s...

Light In A Package

Why silicon photonics is so difficult, and why it's becoming more popular.

Frenzy At 10/7nm

Focus is on cutting costs across the board, and it turns out there is still quite a bit...

Multi-Physics Combats Commoditiza...

In a world of billion-gate designs, it is increasingly difficult to create a differenti...

LiDAR Market Continues To Percolate

Are cheaper LiDAR devices on the way?

Integrated Photonics

Experts at the Table, part 3: What is the role of EDA in building photonics systems, is...

Survey: Optimism Grows for EUV

VSB here to stay despite multi-beam mask writers.

Get Ready For In-Mold Electronics

Changes in packaging under development for new applications and price points.

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Latest News

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

GF asks EU to investigate TSMC; node wars; Toshiba saga; found...

The Week In Review: Design

Synopsys buys materials modeling company; security subsystem; ...

The Week In Review: IoT

IoT startup funding; Hot ‘Lanta; Synopsys news.

Node Warfare?

GlobalFoundries unveils 12nm finFET process; foundries jockey ...

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Manufacturing Bits: Sept. 19

Ion implant lithography; new AFMs; wide-bandgap semis.

System Bits: Sept. 19

Flip-flop qubits; sound waves analyze blood; risk-on-a-chip.

Power/Performance Bits: Sept. 19

Healing perovskites; silicon anode for li-ion batteries; elect...

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Startup Corner

Performance-IP: Less Memory Latency

Embedded IP improves performance by identifying and isolating ...

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