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Auto Network Speeds Rise As Carmakers Prep For Autonomy

By: John Koon

New architectures promise faster communications and lower costs, but not everything will change quickly.
AI Accelerator Architectures Poised For Big Changes

By: Ann Mutschler

Design teams are racing to boost speed and energy efficiency of AI as it begins shifting toward the edge.
DRAM Choices Are Suddenly Much More Complicated

By: Ed Sperling

The number of options and tradeoffs is exploding as multiple flavors of DRAM are combined in a single design.

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Security Becoming Core Part Of Chip Design — Finally

Dealing with cyberthreats is becoming an integral part of chip and system design, and f...

AI Races To The Edge

Inferencing and some training are being pushed to smaller devices as AI spreads to new ...

Startup Funding: November 2023

Big month for quantum computing; 59 companies raise $1.7 billion.

System State Challenges Widen

The state of a system is fundamental for performing many analysis and debug tasks, but ...

EDA Pushes Deeper Into AI

AI is both evolutionary and revolutionary, making it difficult to assess where and how ...

3D-ICs May Be The Least-Cost Option

Advanced packaging has evolved from expensive custom solutions to those ready for more ...

Making Heterogeneous Integration More Predictable

Engineering teams, methods, and modeling need to be rethought. One size doesn't fit all...

Autonomous Vehicles: Not Ready Yet

Much more R&D and real-world testing is needed to reach safe and secure L4/L5 technology.

Applying ML In Failure Analysis

When and where machine learning is best used, and how to choose the right model.

Big Shifts In Power Electronics Packaging

Packages are becoming more complex to endure high power, high temperature conditions ac...

IC Manufacturing Targets Less Water, Less Waste

New technologies and processes help companies strive for net-zero.

Increasing AI Energy Efficiency With Compute In Memory

How to process zettascale workloads and stay within a fixed power budget.

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Latest News

Chip Industry Week In Review

AMD's new AI accelerators; IBM's quantum processor; Rambus' quantum-safe engine; new Arizona equipment site; Intel patent win; 2024 revenue growth; NAND flash and...

Blog Review: Dec. 6

Verification cost and generative AI; RISC-V growth factors; FPGA/PCB co-design; MOM, MIM, and MOS.

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Research Bits: December 11

Diamond devices: High voltage, low leakage SBD; stretching qub...

Chip Industry’s Technical Paper Roundup: Dec 11

Scalable accelerator design; DL for materials discovery; HW fu...

Chip Industry’s Technical Paper Roundup: Dec 5

GAA NSFETs modeling; chiplets for large-scale computing; exten...

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Startup Corner

Startup Funding: November 2023

Big month for quantum computing; 59 companies raise $1.7 billion.

Startup Funding: September 2023

Data center I/O, AI accelerators; nanostructures split in half...

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