Special Reports

New Security Risks Create Need For Stealthy Chips

By: Ed Sperling

Thinner dies and insulation layers add vulnerabilities for better hacker tools. Solutio...
Solving The Memory Bottleneck

By: Brian Bailey

Moving large amounts of data around a system is no longer the path to success. It is to...
The Race To Next-Gen 2.5D/3D Packages

By: Mark LaPedus

New approaches aim to drive down cost, boost benefits of heterogeneous integration.

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Top Stories

What’s The Best Advanced Packaging Option?

A dizzying array of choices and options pave the way for the next phase of scaling.

Building An MRAM Array

Why MRAM is so attractive.

Mask Making Issues With EUV

Experts at the Table: EUV lithography is moving into limited production, but there are ...

Thomas Dolby’s Very Different View Of Progress

Reporter's Notebook: A personal quest to bridge the gap between art and the digital world.

Extending Portable Stimulus

Experts at the Table: With the initial standard in place, what can we expect in terms o...

Pushing Memory Harder

Can the processor/memory bottleneck be closed, or do applications need to be re-archite...

Focus Shifts To Wasted Power

Low power is no longer enough. Is all of the power consumed usefully? Low energy is the...

Using Emulators For Power/Performance Tradeoffs

Chip design's big iron is moving further forward in the design cycle.

Less Margin, More Respins, And New Markets

How physics is reshaping the leading edge of design.

Reducing Costly Flaws In Heterogeneous Designs

Why finding and fixing errors in AI and automotive chips is so difficult.

Shrinking AV’s 1 Billion Test Miles

What makes an autonomous vehicle safe in real-world traffic situations?

Testing Against Changing Standards In Automotive

There is no right answer yet for autonomous vehicles, and that's causing problems.

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Latest News

Blog Review: Oct. 16

Future technologies; quantum computing; simulating auto ICs.

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

Packaging project; 5nm; 3D chips; neural-net-on-a-chip.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Arm adds custom instructions; Synopsys' functional safety veri...

Week in Review – IoT, Security,...

Arm TechCon; broken security; Nissan CEO.

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Manufacturing Bits: Oct. 15

Sandia’s fab upgrade; nanoantenna detectors.

Power/Performance Bits: Oct. 15

Probabilistic computing; memory compaction for C; ear biometrics.

System Bits: Oct. 15

Minimizing damage; lithium-sulfur batteries; electro-adhesive ...

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Startup Corner

Over $7 Billion Raised In Mega-Ro...

September was spectacular for startups, as 27 tech companies r...

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