Special Reports

Managing Device Certificates Is Becoming Harder

By: Bryon Moyer

As billions of new devices are connected to the Internet, simple approaches no longer w...
Variation Threat In Advanced Nodes, Packages Grows

By: Ed Sperling

Complex interactions and tighter tolerances can impact performance, power and life expe...
3D NAND’s Vertical Scaling Race

By: Mark LaPedus

More competition, business uncertainty, and much more difficult manufacturing processes.

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Top Stories

Die-To-Die Stress Becomes A Major Issue

Advanced nodes and packaging are turning minor issues into major ones.

More Data, More Memory-Scaling Problems

Challenges persist for DRAM, flash, and new memories.

Verification’s Inflection Point

What will the future of verification look like? New demands being placed on verificatio...

Hard-To-Hire Engineering Jobs

The crunch to find skilled engineers goes fully global.

Too Much Fab And Test Data, Low Utilization

For now, growth of data collected has outstripped engineers’ ability to analyze it all.

Testing Silicon Photonics In Production

Much work still needs to be done to reduce costs and improve speed, and that requires a...

Using Analytics To Reduce Burn-in

Data-driven approach can significantly reduce manufacturing costs and time, but it's no...

Car Industry Changing Under The Hood

Auto electronics are becoming more centralized, connected, and complex, and the entire ...

Electronics Supply-Chain Trust Standards Emerge

Fragmentation is still rampant, but there are signs of progress.

Startup Funding: December 2020

More than $1.5B in funding for 26 startups; December was a big month for AI hardware.

CEO Outlook: 2021

The semiconductor industry will look and behave differently this year, and not just bec...

Testing More To Boost Profits

With performance binning, chipmakers profit more from test.

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Latest News

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

Intel CEO shakeup; TSMC CapEx; inspection; China cobalt grab.

Week In Review: Auto, Security, P...

Flash at bottom of Tesla recall; auto chips supply low.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Qualcomm to buy processor startup; DSP for sensors; EDA, IP up...

Blog Review: Jan. 13

IC/ASIC design complexity; predictions for automotive, cloud, ...

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Manufacturing Bits: Jan. 11

3D printing with liquids; tiny loudspeakers; 3D printing grant...

Power/Performance Bits: Jan. 11

Quantum dot transistors; faster spin-orbit torque writing.

Manufacturing Bits: Jan. 5

Gallium oxide chips; leading-edge GaN foundry; growing GaN.

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Startup Corner

Startup Funding: December 2020

More than $1.5B in funding for 26 startups; December was a big...

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