Special Reports

Deals That Change The Chip Industry

By: Ed Sperling

Nvidia-Arm is just the beginning; more acquisitions are on the horizon.
Momentum Builds For Advanced Packaging

By: Mark LaPedus

Increasing density in more dimensions with faster time to market.
Is DVFS Worth The Effort?

By: Brian Bailey

Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling can save a lot of power and energy, but design co...

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Top Stories

Increase In Analog Problems

New data suggests that more chips are being forced to respin due to analog issues.

Slower Metal Bogs Down SoC Performance

Interconnects are becoming the limiter at advanced nodes.

Searching For Power Bugs

To find wasted power means you understand what to expect, how to measure it, and how it...

Confusion Grows Over Packaging And Scaling

The number of options is increasing, but tooling and methodologies haven't caught up.

Why Data Format Slows Chip Manufacturing Progress

Adoption of a new format will take time, but it also will add consistency into data as ...

Demand Grows For Reducing PCB Defects

Electrical test alone will not discover problems in increasingly complex and dense boards.

Scramble For The White Space

Chips area is never fully utilized, creating opportunities for on-chip monitoring and i...

The Quest To Make 5G Systems Reliable

Experts at the Table: Where are the challenges and what can be done to solve them.

Sensor Fusion Challenges In Cars

As more pieces of the autonomous vehicle puzzle come into view, the enormity of the cha...

Are FPGAs More Secure Than Processors?

Implementing security remains challenging, regardless of the hardware platform.

HW Security Better, But Attack Surface Is Growing

Experts at the Table: How cost, tradeoffs, and safety are impacting cyberattacks.

Good Vs. Bad Acquisitions

M&A begins to ramp up, but not all of them will work.

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Latest News

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

Intel exits NAND biz; China foundry rankings; TSMC’s outlook...

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Chip-level verification; monitoring the chip lifecycle; EMI si...

Week In Review: Auto, Security, P...

Intel Ice Lake security; Cruise tests go driverless in SF; Cad...

Blog Review: Oct. 14

ML for bug hunting; low power AI processing; board tweaks.

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Manufacturing Bits: Oct. 20

Thermometers for 3D temperature measurements; quantum thermome...

Power/Performance Bits: Oct. 20

Benchmarking quantum layout synthesis; tiny electro-optical mo...

Manufacturing Bits: Oct. 12

MoSi2 pellicles for EUV; carbon nanotube pellicles.

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Startup Corner

Cerfe Labs: Spin-On Memory

Arm offshoot focuses on CeRAM as potential low-cost replacemen...

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