Special Reports

The MCU Dilemma

By: Brian Bailey

Microcontroller vendors are breaking out of the box that has constrained them for years...
5/3nm Wars Begin

By: Mark LaPedus

New transistors structures are on the horizon with new tools and processes, but there a...
Automakers Changing Tactics On Reliability

By: Susan Rambo

Focus shifts to more data-centric approaches as chip content increases.

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Top Stories

Reducing Power At RTL

Dependencies, different methodologies, and a growing number of variables make this an i...

Brighter Future For Photonics

Will progress in 3D stacking translate into increased opportunities for photonics chips...

Logic Chip, Heal Thyself

Will self-healing chips put longevity and safety into automotive-bound electronics?

More Data, More Problems In Automotive

Data is becoming more useful and timely, but not everyone has access to it.

Failure Analysis Becoming Critical To Reliability

Once confined to analyzing returns, it now is shifting left and right as more data anal...

Uses, Limits And Questions For FPGAs In Autos

Where it works, where it doesn't, and where the choices get fuzzy.

Hardware Attack Surface Widening

Cable Haunt follows Spectre, Meltdown and Foreshadow as potential threat spreads beyond...

Bigger, Faster, More Diverse And Expensive

Synopsys' CEO examines the fundamental shifts in design and markets.

Startup Funding: January 2020

Twelve startups bring in over half a billion in new funding; connectivity startup emerg...

Design For Airborne Electronics

Safety, security and traceability are required in avionics, but more complex chips are ...

Divided On System Partitioning

How close can we get to automated system optimization from a software function? The tar...

Making Sure RISC-V Designs Work As Expected

Open-source growth predictions are impressive, but the verification process can be hard...

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Latest News

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

Fab capacity leaders; data analytics; robots.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

MCU on steroids; open-source SW testing; Cadence grows; Huawei...

Week In Review: Auto, Security, P...

AI on a Cortex-M; Hyundai EV platform skateboard; predicting i...

Blog Review: Feb. 12

PCB constraints; router verification issues; people and securi...

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Manufacturing Bits: Feb. 10

Accelerating and cooling muons; ion colliders; R&D lab.

Power/Performance Bits: Feb. 10

Balancing battery capacity and stability; embedding data in 3D...

Manufacturing Bits: Feb. 4

Non-targeted analysis; AI crystallography; finding icebergs.

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Startup Corner

Startup Funding: January 2020

Twelve startups bring in over half a billion in new funding; c...

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