Special Reports

True 3D Is Much Tougher Than 2.5D

By: Brian Bailey

While terms often are used interchangeably, they are very different technologies with different challenges.
Metrology Strategies For 2nm Processes

By: Laura Peters

Tools become more specific for Si/SiGe stacks, 3D NAND, and bonded wafer pairs.
How To Build Resilience Into Chips

By: Ed Sperling and Ann Mutschler

Heterogeneous designs, customization, and increasing complexity open doors for hardware errors.

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Top Stories

Do Necessary Tools Exist For RISC-V Verification?

Existing tools can be used for RISC-V, but they may not be the most effective or effici...

Options Widen For Optimizing IoT Designs

Trading off features, functions, and costs is an increasingly complex and ongoing balan...

AI Becoming More Prominent In Chip Design

Experts at the Table: The good and bad of more data, and how AI can leverage that data ...

The Race Toward Mixed-Foundry Chiplets

The challenges of assembling chiplets from different foundries are just beginning to em...

Managing EDA’s Rapid Growth Expectations

EDA is growing quickly, fueled by many changes in the chip industry. But can it keep up...

Big Changes Ahead In Power Delivery, Materials, And Interconnects

How manufacturing and packaging will shift over the next couple decades.

Mini-Consortia Forming Around Chiplets

Commercial chiplet marketplaces are still on the distant horizon, but companies are get...

Tech Forecast: Fab Processes To Watch Through 2040

Key pivot and innovation points in semiconductor manufacturing.

Getting Smarter About Tool Maintenance

Lowering costs and increasing yield using advanced analytics for critical processes, bo...

New Challenges Emerge With High-NA EUV

Thinner photoresist layers, line roughness, and stochastic defects add new problems for...

Cooling The Data Center

There’s no perfect solution to data center cooling, but multiple approaches are being...

Self-Heating Issues Spread

Advances in devices, materials, and packaging technologies all contribute to power prob...

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Latest News

Week In Review: Semiconductor Manufacturing, Test

Exports of fab equipment to China plunge; U.S. and Canada chip...

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Synopsys' full stack AI-driven design suite; Renesas RISC-V vo...

Week In Review: Automotive, Security and Pervasive Computing

New EV tool and commitments; pausing next-gen GPT; longevity o...

Blog Review: March 29

Multi-die challenges; metal line resistance and deposition, et...

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Research Bits: March 28

The start of smell modeling; polarons may help produce hydroge...

Chip Industry’s Technical Paper Roundup: Mar. 28

GAA FETs; thermal simulation in 3D-IC; zero trust environments...

Research Bits: March 21

Micropatterning with sugar; 3D printed mmWave antennas; human ...

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Startup Corner

China Chip Industry Startup Funding Annual Report & Analysis: 2022

More than 700 chip industry-related companies raised $19B acro...

Startup Funding: February 2023

132 companies raise $4.5 billion, with big investments in quan...

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Multi-Die Integration

Efficient Trace In RISC-V

Silent Data Corruption

Why Matter 1.0 Really Matters

Knowledge Centers / Entities, people and technologies explored