Special Reports

Intel Vs. Samsung Vs. TSMC

By: Ed Sperling

Foundry competition heats up in three dimensions and with novel technologies as planar scaling benefits diminish.
When To Expect Domain-Specific AI Chips

By: Brian Bailey

With the intended application evolving faster than silicon can be developed, optimizing hardware becomes a delicate balance.
3D Metrology Meets Its Match In 3D Chips And Packages

By: Laura Peters

Next-generation tools take on precision challenges in three dimensions.

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Top Stories

Legacy Process Nodes Going Strong

The critical, and growing, significance of mature node chips and processes.

Precision Patterning Options Emerge For Advanced Packaging

Photolithography is still mainstream, but innovative new solutions are coming.

New Interconnect Metals Need New Dielectrics

Options emerge for thin films that are viable at the most advanced nodes.

Heat-Related Issues Impact Reliability In Advanced IC Designs

Retaining data in memories and processors becomes more difficult as temperatures rise i...

IC Power Optimization Required, But More Difficult To Achieve

As chips and systems grow in complexity, power budgets are getting stretched. Just shif...

Data Center Thermal Management Improves

CFD, multiphysics, and digital twins play increasing role in addressing heat within and...

Managing kW Power Budgets

Strategies for dealing with increasing compute demands from AI and other applications.

Easing EV Range Anxiety Through Faster Charging

Solving battery management, utilization, charging and vehicle-to-grid issues is essenti...

Startup Funding: Q2 2024

Big rounds for AI chips; 91 startups raise $2.6 billion.

Delivering On Power During HPC Test

1 volt is not the problem. It's the 1,000+ amps.

Digital Twins Find Their Footing In IC Manufacturing

Technology will speed time to yield and add efficiency, but standards are needed for it...

X-ray Inspection Becoming Essential In Advanced Packaging

Improvements in speed and precision have transformed a research tool for studying defec...

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Latest News

Chip Industry Week In Review

Leading-edge foundry plans; DoD IC center; 300mm funding; Intel's apprenticeship program; metrology and test acquisitions; Keysight's chiplet PHY simulation; ther...

Blog Review: July 17

Unordered IO in PCIe; security and CXL; design reuse and version control; DRAM parasitic capacitance.

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Research Bits: July 22

Sub-1nm gate; data storage metamaterial; counterfeit chip dete...

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: July 22

SiC packaging; functional test sequences; 6G and beyond; verif...

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: July 16

On-chip communication for programmable accelerators; neuromorp...

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Startup Corner

Startup Funding: Q2 2024

Big rounds for AI chips; 91 startups raise $2.6 billion.

Startup Funding: March 2024

Investors connect with interconnects; $1.1 billion for 39 comp...

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Toward Software-Defined Vehicles

Changes In Formal Verification

Promises And Pitfalls Of SoC Restructuring

Making Adaptive Test Work Better

Knowledge Centers / Entities, people and technologies explored