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HBM Issues In AI Systems

By: Brian Bailey

Speeding up memory reveals new challenges, especially when memory is part of the package.
Chiplet Momentum Rising

By: Mark LaPedus

Companies and organizations racing to define interfaces and standards as SoC scaling co...
Moving To GAA FETs

By: Katherine Derbyshire

Why finFETs are running out of steam, and what happens next.

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Top Stories

Why It’s So Hard To Create New Processors

Many companies are interested in developing their own processors, following the success...

Software-Defined Hardware Gains Ground — Again

AI applications are prompting chipmakers to take another look at different options for ...

Do You Trust Your IP Supplier?

How secure is the IP that you are integrating into your system? Accellera wants to help...

What Machine Learning Can Do In Fabs

Experts at the Table: It's not as accurate as simulation, but it's a lot faster.

Memory Issues For AI Edge Chips

In-memory computing becomes critical, but which memory and at what process node?

Improving EUV Process Efficiency

New materials and equipment could have a significant impact on both cost and speed.

Scaling Up Compute-In-Memory Accelerators

New research points to progress and problems in a post-von Neumann world.

The Ins And Outs Of Silicon Carbide

Cree's CTO explains the different characteristics of silicon and SiC and where each one...

Designing Resilient Electronics

Eliminating downtime in safety- and mission-critical applications.

HBM Issues In AI Systems

Speeding up memory reveals new challenges, especially when memory is part of the package.

Power Management Becomes Top Issue Everywhere

Concerns about power are impacting everything, and AI is complicating it.

Power Challenges In ML Processors

Machine learning engines present some new power challenges that could trip up the unwar...

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Latest News

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

Foundry rankings; EUV DRAMs; ASE-SPIL clear hurdle.

Week In Review: Auto, Security, P...

COVID robotics; work from home security; Ethernet 800G.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

VIP for Ethernet 800G; PCB design for students; EDA revenue up...

Blog Review: March 25

Memory for AI; PCIe Gen6; embedded software source code.

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Manufacturing Bits: March 24

Autonomous microscopes; nanoindentation; AI tomography.

Power/Performance Bits: March 24

Backscatter Wi-Fi radio; preventing IoT side-channel attacks; ...

Manufacturing Bits: March 17

Making MXenes; macroscopic MXenes.

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Startup Corner

Startup Funding: February 2020

From photoresists to LIDAR, 14 startups brought in $1B this mo...

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