Special Reports

Machine Learning’s Growing Divide

By: Brian Bailey

Is the industry heading toward another hardware/software divide in machine learning? Bo...
Blockchain: Hype, Reality, Opportunities

By: Susan Breidenbach

Technology investments and rollouts are accelerating, but there is still plenty of room...
A New Memory Contender?

By: Mark LaPedus

FeFETs are a promising next-gen memory based on well-understood materials.

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Top Stories

The Next 5 Years Of Chip Technology

Experts at the Table, part 2: What are the sources of variation, how much is acceptable...

Turning Down The Power

Why ultra-low power is suddenly an issue for everyone.

Predictions: Markets And Drivers

Part 1: What advancements can we expect to see in 2018, which markets will drive the in...

What Will 2018 Bring To The IoT?

Money pours into IoT/IIoT technology. Security and ROI are leading topics.

Could Liquid IP Lead To Better Ch...

Experts at the Table, part 3: What remains to be done before liquid IP becomes a standa...

Packaging Challenges For 2018

Shortages, pricing pressures, rising investments and more packaging options add up to a...

Auto Chip Test Issues Grow

Semiconductors used in cars have higher quality and reliability requirements than most ...

Getting Serious About Chiplets

Issues involving known good die and test still remain, but this approach is getting a l...

Reshaping Automotive Design

Conflicting goals, evolving standards and the need for new methods and tools make this ...

Who’s Responsible For Secur...

Experts at the Table, part 1: Where security is working, where it isn't, and what to do...

Mixed-Signal Issues Worse At 10/7nm

Putting as much functionality into digital circuitry helps, but it's becoming more diff...

Reflection On 2017: Design And EDA

Second of two parts: Progress on 2017 predictions was slow and steady, apart from one b...

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Latest News

EDA, IP Sales Up 8%

All geographies show growth, including Japan; hiring increases...

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

Intel-Micron NAND breakup; UMC-Micron suit; GF-ST FD-SOI deal.

The Week In Review: Design

Synopsys buys Kilopass; processors for machine learning; deals.

The Week in Review: IoT

Happy 20th birthday, Bluetooth; CES; Cisco and Quanergy.

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Manufacturing Bits: Jan. 16

Coherent X-ray imaging; cheaper MRI; geometry mystery.

Power/Performance Bits: Jan. 16

Lithium-iron-oxide battery; solar windows; light-absorbing gra...

System Bits: Jan. 16

Quantum sensors; next-gen computer design; memristors.

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Startup Corner

PowerDown: Power Efficiency

Recycling power used in one chip cycle to run the other can sa...

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