Special Reports

What Makes A Chip Tamper-Proof?

By: Bryon Moyer

Identifying attacks and protecting against them is still difficult, but there has been ...
The Good And Bad Of Chiplets

By: Mark LaPedus

IDMs leverage chiplet models, others are still working on it.
‘More Than Moore’ Reality Check

By: Ann Steffora Mutschler

Multi-chip design is becoming more mainstream, but gaps remain.

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Top Stories

Data Strategy Shifting Again In Cars

How and where vehicle data gets processed continues to evolve.

Conflicting Demands At The Edge

Experts at the Table: Cost, power and security clash with the need for intelligence, l...

The Increasingly Ordinary Task Of Verifying RISC-V

Integrating an open-source core into a complex SoC is looking very familiar.

(Artificially) Intelligent Verification

While it seems like an obvious application, utilizing data for verification is highly n...

What’s So Important About Processor Extensibility?

Designers must carefully weigh the gains against the costs, many of which are not immed...

FPGA Prototyping Complexity Rising

Partitioning of blocks into manageable pieces is becoming harder, but new tools and app...

What Will The Next-Gen Verification Flow Look Like?

Experts at the Table: Machine learning is an essential element for dealing with complex...

Latest IC Outlook: More Uncertainty

Analysis: Downturn is likely, but there are some bright spots.

EUV’s Uncertain Future At 3nm And Below

Manufacturing chips at future nodes is possible from a technology standpoint, but that'...

Challenges In Stacking, Shrinking And Inspecting Next-Gen Chips

One-on-one with Lam CTO Rick Gottscho.

Compute-In Memory Accelerators Up-End Network Design Tradeoffs

Compute paradigm shifting as more data needs to be processed more quickly.

Design For Narrowband IoT

The challenge of creating chips for ultra-low-power applications with long lifetimes an...

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Latest News

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

U.S. rare earth setback; NI buys OptimalPlus; inverse litho.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Complete USB4 IP; Wi-Fi 6 IP for low-power; SweRV support; ana...

Week In Review: Auto, Security, P...

HPCs for COVID-19 researchers; European AWS? China's IoT medic...

Blog Review: June 3

Automotive Ethernet; quality software; MACsec explained.

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Manufacturing Bits: June 2

EUV lithography in outer space; chemistry in space.

Power/Performance Bits: June 2

Neuromorphic memristor; hot qubits.

Manufacturing Bits: May 26

7-level nanosheets; next-gen HBMs; artificial iris.

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Startup Corner

Startup Funding: April 2020

Twenty-two startups drew $375M in April, with a big win for se...

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