Special Reports

Emerging Apps And Challenges For Packaging

By: Mark LaPedus

Heterogeneous integration is reshaping some markets, but not all applications require it.
The Next Big Leap: Energy Optimization

By: Brian Bailey

What's required to optimize your design for energy? The simple answer is a new EDA flow...
A Renaissance For Semiconductors

By: Brian Bailey

New horizontal technologies and vertical markets are fueling the opportunities for mass...

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Top Stories

EUV Challenges And Unknowns At 3nm and Below

Rising costs, complexity, and fuzzy delivery schedules are casting a cloud over next-ge...

Bonding Issues For Multi-Chip Packages

Disaggregation solves some problems, but it creates new ones.

What’s Next In AI, Chips And Masks

The impact of deep learning and new technology on scaling to future nodes.

Uniquely Identifying PCBs, Subassemblies, And Packaging

New approaches to preventing counterfeiting across the supply chain.

Disaggregation And Smarter Chips Shift Liability For Security

Chiplets and more data storage in hardware are making security a first-order problem fo...

Designs Beyond The Reticle Limit

Chips are hitting technical and economic obstacles, but that is barely slowing the rate...

Dealing With Sub-Threshold Variation

The value and challenges of circuits being not quite on or off.

Difficult Memory Choices In AI Systems

Tradeoffs revolve around power, performance, area, and bandwidth.

Challenges Linger For EUV

Experts at the Table: The challenges of putting EUV into production, and why DRAM will ...

Adaptive Test Gains Ground

Demand for improved quality at a reasonable cost is driving big changes in test processes.

Does HW Vs. SW Choice Affect Quality And Reliability?

Tradeoffs become more important as designs become more complex, more critical, and more...

Chips Good Enough To Bet Your Life On

Experts at the Table: Strategies for improving automotive semiconductors.

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Latest News

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

PDF buys Cimetrix; maskless litho; OSAT ranking; TSMC fab.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Synopsys buys optical measurement company; PSS 2.0 draft; Arm-...

Week In Review: Auto, Security, P...

Pervasive computing in IC manufacturing; Synopsys security; Ar...

Blog Review: Nov. 18

Mobile holograms; auto ECU consolidation; NAND flash; IoT soft...

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Power/Performance Bits: Nov. 23

Graphene energy; vanillin grid batteries.

Manufacturing Bits: Nov. 17

Intel’s gate-all-around FETs; vacuum transistors; 3D ICs.

Power/Performance Bits: Nov. 17

NVMe controller for research; more accurate DNNs; photonic ult...

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Startup Corner

Startup Funding: October 2020

Big funding for ADAS, autonomous driving, and EVs; twenty-four...

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Chip Challenges At 3/2nm

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Memory Access In AI Systems

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