Special Reports

Power Is Limiting Machine Learning Deployments

By: Brian Bailey

Rollouts are constrained by the amount of power consumed, and that may get worse before...
5nm Vs. 3nm

By: Mark LaPedus

Half nodes, different transistor types, and numerous other options are adding uncertain...
Why Chips Are Getting Noisier

By: Brian Bailey

Even at older nodes with mostly digital circuitry, noise is a growing problem.

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Top Stories

200mm Cools Off, But Not For Long

New market opportunities, a push by SiC vendors to larger wafers and a shortage of used...

Challenges Grow For 5G Packages And Modules

5G wireless networks drive need for new IC packages and modules.

Creating 2D Compounds

Van der Waals heterostructure becomes a building block for physicists.

Breaking Down The Debug Process

Experts at the Table: Debug is not a monolithic task, and each stage in the processes n...

Low-Power Design Becomes Even More Complex

New markets, technologies and tradeoffs that span multiple different disciplines are tu...

Will In-Memory Processing Work?

Changes that sidestep von Neumann architecture could be key to low-power ML hardware.

June Startup Funding

Fifteen startups raised mega-rounds in June.

Tackling Safety And Security

Experts at the Table: Who is responsible for safety and security and what can we do as ...

Debate Over Health Of Moore’s Law Continues

Reporter's Notebook: At Semicon West, CEOs from across the industry continue to debate ...

Silicon Photonics Begins To Make Inroads

Maturing processes and new application areas open doors for extremely fast, low-power a...

Big Shifts In Big Data

Why the growth of cloud and edge computing and the processing of more data will have a ...

5G OTA Test Not Ready For Production

High-volume, production-ready over-the-air testing systems don’t yet exist for 5G.

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Latest News

Blog Review: July 17

PCB performance classes; DisplayPort 2.0; earthquake resiliency.

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

Semi takeover targets; Semicon; fab tool forecast.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Place-and-route; RISC-V base ISA, privileged architecture rati...

Week in Review: IoT, Security, Auto

Amazon at home; legal action; auto alliances.

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Manufacturing Bits: July 15

Atomtronics; compact atomic gyroscopes.

System Bits: July 15

Inspecting bridges; autofocals; magnetic monopoles.

Power/Performance Bits: July 15

Liquefied gas electrolyte; inductive charging temperature; cap...

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Startup Corner

June Startup Funding

Fifteen startups raised mega-rounds in June.

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