Special Reports

Trimming Waste In Chips

By: Brian Bailey

How much extra circuitry is necessary is a matter of debate, but almost everyone agrees...
Starting Point Is Changing For Designs

By: Ed Sperling

Market-specific needs and rules, availability of IP, and multiple ways to solve problem...
Looming Issues And Tradeoffs For EUV

By: Mark LaPedus

New lithography tools will be required at 5nm, but pellicles, resists and uptime are st...

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Top Stories

Searching For EUV Mask Defects

What comes after optical inspection isn't clear, and that's a problem.

MEMS Market Shifting

More precision, new materials and a much smaller universe of companies help to make thi...

Next-Gen Mask Writer Race Begins

New tools will be required at 7/5nm, and at this point it's a two-company competition.

Memory Test Challenges, Opportuni...

Business is booming in advanced memory chips, but it's getting tougher to test them.

How To Build An IoT Chip

Experts at the Table, part 2: Where data gets processed, how to secure devices, and que...

Targeting And Tailoring eFPGAs

Achronix's CEO zeroes in on new levels of customization, how that plays across differen...

New Power Concerns At 10/7nm

Dynamic, thermal, packaging and electromagnetic effects grow, and so do the interaction...

Data Centers Turn To New Memories

DDR5, NVDIMMs, SGRAM, 3D XPoint add more options, but solutions may be a mix and much m...

Noise Abatement

Will noise compromise your next design? The only way to answer that is to understand wh...

Improving Yield, Reliability With...

Outlier detection gaining attention as way of improving test and manufacturing methodol...

Toward System-Level Test

What's working in test, what isn't, and where the holes are.

Integrated Passives Market Gets A...

IPDs take the place of discretes for mobile, IoT, wearables, and are gaining traction i...

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Latest News

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

Rising IC forecasts; wafer shipments; MRAM; Lam results.

The Week In Review: Design

Synopsys buys OTP NVM maker Sidense; ArterisIP buys iNoCs asse...

The Week in Review: IoT

August Home acquisition; Arm TechCon; Samsung Connect Tag.

Blog Review: Oct. 18

Signal integrity issues; formal core data; mobile display tren...

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Manufacturing Bits: Oct. 17

WIMP dark matter detector; tiny accelerator; MOMS sensors.

Power/Performance Bits: Oct. 17

Harvesting body heat; cheap sodium battery; record optical swi...

System Bits: Oct. 17

Ingestible sensors; brain-mimicking material; self-assembling ...

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Startup Corner

Performance-IP: Less Memory Latency

Embedded IP improves performance by identifying and isolating ...

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