Special Reports

Single Vs. Multi-Patterning EUV

By: Mark LaPedus

Why this choice isn't as obvious as it might look.
Shedding Pounds In Automotive Electronics

By: Susan Rambo

Weight is suddenly a major concern for carmakers, but slimming down has repercussions.
How To Build An Automotive Chip

By: Ann Steffora Mutschler

Changing standards, stringent requirements and a mix of expertise make this a tough mar...

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Lithography Options For Next-Gen Devices

EUV is the clear winner down to 5nm, but what comes after that may be a combination of ...

Inspecting IC Packages Using Die Sorters

Why this obscure tool is becoming crucial for finding cracking defects in optoelectroni...

Moore’s Law Now Requires Advanced Packaging

Experts at the Table, part 1: Shrinking features isn't enough anymore. The big challeng...

Designing For The Edge

Growth in data is fueling many more options, but so far it's not clear which of them wi...

The Role Of EDA In AI

Experts at the Table, part 3: Which aspects of AI implementation should EDA create tool...

Finding The Source Of EUV Stochastic Effects

Resolving problems in advanced lithography could push this technology much more into th...

Target: 50% Reduction In Memory Power

Is it possible to reduce the power consumed by memory by 50%? Yes, but it requires work...

Low Power Meets Variability At 7/5nm

Reductions in voltage, margin and increases in physical effects are making timing closu...

Optimization Challenges For Safety And Security

The road to optimized tradeoff automation is long. Changing attributes along the way ca...

From AI Algorithm To Implementation

Experts at the Table, part 2: The transformation from algorithm to implementation has s...

Racing To The Edge

The opportunity is daunting, but so are the challenges for making all the pieces work t...

New Approaches To Security

Data analytics, traffic patterns and restrictive policies emerge as ways to ensure that...

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Latest News

Blog Review: April 17

Embedded power management; Industry 4.0 and semi; security sur...

EDA, IP Revenue Down

Q4 marks first drop after 11 quarters of solid growth.

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

ASML’s fake IP theft news; who bought Versum?; free 5G.

Week in Review: IoT, Security, Auto

Smarter buildings; 5G security; Tesla news.

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Manufacturing Bits: April 16

Water that won’t freeze; modeling water behavior.

System Bits: April 16

Borophene; trapping oxygen; sensitive measurements.

Power/Performance Bits: April 16

Faster CNN training; efficient flash for data centers; static ...

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Startup Corner

Rogue Valley Microdevices: MEMS F...

Oregon-based specialty fab takes different approach.

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Multi-Physics At 5/3nm

GDDR6 - HBM2 Tradeoffs

Safety-Critical Design In Automotive

Billion-Gate Design Connectivity

Knowledge Centers / Entities, people and technologies explored