Special Reports

When To Expect Domain-Specific AI Chips

By: Brian Bailey

With the intended application evolving faster than silicon can be developed, optimizing hardware becomes a delicate balance.
3D Metrology Meets Its Match In 3D Chips And Packages

By: Laura Peters

Next-generation tools take on precision challenges in three dimensions.
The Race To Glass Substrates

By: Gregory Haley

Replacing silicon and organic substrates requires huge shifts in manufacturing, creating challenges that will take years to iron out.

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Top Stories

IC Industry’s Growing Role In Sustainability

Addressing energy consumption has become a requirement as AI takes root, but it require...

Temperature: A Growing Concern For Chip Security Experts

It used to be a lab-based threat, but heat is emerging as a real attack vector.

New Approaches Needed For Power Management

Limited power budgets, thermal issues, and increased demand to process more data faster...

Big Shift: Creating Automotive SW Without HW

Agile development may be the best approach for designing new vehicles, but it requires ...

Power-Aware Revolution In Automated Test For ICs

New approaches can improve yield and reliability, but they add more complexity into the...

Speeding Up Metrology At Advanced Nodes

Demand for higher reliability requires more advanced and historically slow equipment an...

The Uncertainty Of Certifying AI For Automotive

Making sure systems work as expected, both individually and together, remains challengi...

Why It’s So Hard To Secure AI Chips

Much of the hardware is the same, but AI systems have unique vulnerabilities that requi...

Toward A Software-Defined Hardware World

New approaches to software-defined hardware involve a rethinking of model-based systems...

Opportunities Grow For GPU Acceleration

The convergence of AI/ML and GPU advancements are creating new opportunities for faster...

Why IC Design Safety Nets Have Limits

Debugging tools have their uses, but the key to better designs lies in the designer’s...

Chip Design Digs Deeper Into AI

Collaborations are going wider and deeper with multi-chiplet designs.

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Chip Industry Week In Review

Samsung's next-gen process, memory and assembly roadmap; 3D metrology In 3D chips/packages; Russian IC sanctions; domain-specific AI chips; CHIPS Act funding; Bla...

Blog Review: June 12

PCIe 6.0 switch verification; RDC management; looking to Latin America; debugging complex issues.

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Research Bits: June 18

Gallium nitride can take the heat; liquid metal logic; ultra-t...

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: June 18

Chiplet probing attacks; RISC-V Rowhammer; HPC QPU eval; CTFET...

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: June 10

Neuromorphic processors; RISC-V formal verification; GaN at hi...

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Startup Corner

Startup Funding: March 2024

Investors connect with interconnects; $1.1 billion for 39 comp...

Startup Funding: February 2024

Power electronics, data center interconnects among 49 startups...

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Promises And Pitfalls Of SoC Restructuring

Making Adaptive Test Work Better

MCU Changes At The Edge

Electromigration And IR Drop At Advanced Nodes

Knowledge Centers / Entities, people and technologies explored