Special Reports

Designing Hardware For Security

By: Ed Sperling

Most attacks in the past focused on gaining access to software, but Meltdown and Spectr...
New Patterning Options Emerging

By: Mark LaPedus

Why self-aligned approaches are becoming so critical to scaling, and what problems stil...
Get Ready For Integrated Silicon Photonics

By: Brian Bailey

This more than Moore technology is still ramping up, and problems need to be solved, bu...

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Top Stories

200mm Fab Crunch

Shortages of used equipment and lower margins mean this problem isn't getting solved an...

RF SOI Wars Begin

5G is driving up demand for both 300mm and 200mm capacity. Both are in short supply.

FinFET Metrology Challenges Grow

Hybrid schemes are being deployed, with new equipment and machine learning ramping up.

Chipmakers Look Beyond Scaling

GlobalFoundries CTO Gary Patton digs into how customers' priorities are shifting with n...

Integrating Memristors For Neurom...

The latest research on memory, variability, and compute architectures—and what comes ...

More Lithography/Mask Challenges

Experts at the table, part 3: Demand for compute power still growing; what's after 5nm.

OSAT Consolidation Continues

The merger of ASE Group and SPIL alters the competitive landscape, but more changes are...

Power Optimization Strategies Widen

Different markets are heading in different directions, raising questions about whether ...

System-Level Power Modeling Takes...

Why modeling power much earlier has suddenly become so critical for so many application...

Does Power Verification Work?

Verification implies comparison against an expected result, but the industry has yet to...

MIS Packaging Takes Off

Molded interconnect substrate emerges as packaging choice for analog, power ICs and cry...

Software-Defined Test And Measure...

SDx is making inroads into 5G, automotive radar, and other new technology.

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Latest News

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

Fab tool customer satisfaction; chip rankings; wafer boom.

The Week in Review: IoT

IoT World; startup funding; White House moves.

The Week In Review: Design

Safety-critical IP; digital twins; mobile video compression.

Blog Review: May 16

USB Dual Mode; shifting left in automotive; Agile hardware; wh...

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Manufacturing Bits: May 22

Exotic water; tracking water molecules; cryo-electron microsco...

System Bits: May 22

AI benefits, disruptions; VR drone testing; wearable smart tec...

Power/Performance Bits: May 22

Sensing without battery power; 1D interconnects; chromium memory.

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Startup Corner

Spark Microsystems: LP On-Chip Ra...

Startup seeks to displace BLE with RF that is extremely low en...

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