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Key Drivers In New Chip Industry Outlook

CEOs and analysts examine winners and losers and where demand is shifting.

The Murky World Of AI Benchmarks

What works for one application may be wholly inadequate for another; accuracy may vary by use case.

Inevitable Bugs

What differentiates an avoidable bug from an inevitable bug? Experts try to define the dividing line.

Practical Processor Verification

When creating a new processor, how much verification is required? Setting the right ROI is important.

Using Processor Trace At The System Level

More on-chip interactions and design heterogeneity is rekindling interest in a well-worn technology.

Re-Imagining The GPU

How a basic processing element is being transformed by RISC-V, partitioning and inferencing.

Medical, Industrial & Aerospace IC Design Changes

Strict quality, safety and security requirements and increasing complexity are pushing companies to adopt some leading-edge commercial approaches.

Software-Defined Hardware Gains Ground — Again

AI applications are prompting chipmakers to take another look at different options for reconfigurable hardware.

Do You Trust Your IP Supplier?

How secure is the IP that you are integrating into your system? Accellera wants to help with that.

3nm: Blurring Lines Between SoCs, PCBs And Packages

The end of Moore's Law is providing options for shifting what goes where and how it gets designed.

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Round Tables

Portable Stimulus And Digital Twins

Experts at the Table: How Portable Stimulus plays with the digital twin and the drive toward system-level coverage.

RISC-V Markets, Security And Growth Prospects

Experts at the Table: Why RISC-V has garnered so much attention, what still needs to be done, and where it will likely find its greatest success.

Migrating 3D Into The Mainstream

Experts at the Table: The creation of complex, packaged systems affects everything in the design flow and requires a systems approach.

RISC-V Challenges And Opportunities

Who makes money with an open-source ISA, the current state of the RISC-V ecosystem, and what differentiates one vendor from the next.

Extending Portable Stimulus

Experts at the Table: With the initial standard in place, what can we expect in terms of broadening its scope to other domains and applications?

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Rising Packaging Complexity

Why advanced packaging is still so difficult.

Speeding Up Verification Using SystemC

How HLS plus formal can significantly reduce optimization and debug time.

Timing Closure At 7/5nm

Why shifting left in a complex design is critical.

Banking On FPGA Prototyping

Where the biggest savings are in ASIC design.

Fusing Implementation And Verification

Re-using Tcl scripts to reduce cost and potential errors.

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EUV’s Uncertain Future At 3nm And Below

Manufacturing chips at future nodes is possible from a technology standpoint, but that’s not the only consideration.

The Murky World Of AI Benchmarks

What works for one application may be wholly inadequate for another; accuracy may vary by use case.

Key Drivers In New Chip Industry Outlook

CEOs and analysts examine winners and losers and where demand is shifting.

‘More Than Moore’ Reality Check

Multi-chip design is becoming more mainstream, but gaps remain.

Spiking Neural Networks: Research Projects or Commercial Products?

Opinions differ widely, but in this space that isn’t unusual.