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Uses And Limitations Of AI In Chip Design

OneSpin's CEO explains what's changing in AI, where it's being used, and what still has to be fixed.

Open Source Hardware Risks

There’s still much work to be done to enable an open source hardware ecosystem.

CEO Outlook: 2020 Vision

5G, China and AI are prominent, but big changes are coming everywhere.

Improving Algorithms With High-Level Synthesis

New directions for a commonly used technology.

What Engineers Are Reading And Watching

Some new areas are emerging, while other tried and trusted topics continue to lead.

Crossed Wires On Domains

How well understood are domain crossings, especially when it involves multiple domains? They require a combination of methodology and tools.

Will Open-Source Processors Cause A Verification Shift?

Tools and methodologies exist, but who will actually do the verification is unclear.

What Worked, What Didn’t In 2019

The year started out shaky, but EDA racked up solid growth and semiconductors show good promise for 2020.

Using FPGAs For AI

How good are standard FPGAs for AI purposes, and how different will dedicated FPGA-based devices be from them?

Transforming Silicon Bring-Up

The role of silicon for verification and validation is changing. While there is the desire to Shift Left, silicon also has become a valuable verifi...

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Round Tables

Portable Stimulus And Digital Twins

Experts at the Table: How Portable Stimulus plays with the digital twin and the drive toward system-level coverage.

RISC-V Markets, Security And Growth Prospects

Experts at the Table: Why RISC-V has garnered so much attention, what still needs to be done, and where it will likely find its greatest success.

Migrating 3D Into The Mainstream

Experts at the Table: The creation of complex, packaged systems affects everything in the design flow and requires a systems approach.

RISC-V Challenges And Opportunities

Who makes money with an open-source ISA, the current state of the RISC-V ecosystem, and what differentiates one vendor from the next.

Extending Portable Stimulus

Experts at the Table: With the initial standard in place, what can we expect in terms of broadening its scope to other domains and applications?

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Dealing With ECOs In Complex Designs

How corners and multiple changes to designs can slow time to market.

Distributed Design Implementation

Simplifying timing closure and sign-off in complex heterogeneous designs.

Finding Hardware Trojans

Why locating security threats in hardware is so difficult.

Which Verification Engine When

How complexity and more data are affecting the design flow.

Visually Assisted Layout In Custom Design

A faster way to optimize designs and find errors.

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Identifying high-quality requirements is a vital part of verifying a design's...
What Were They Thinking

Better, Not Best

There is little point creating the best possible device when slightly better ...
November 26, 2019
Programmed Complexity

Using HLS To Improve Algorithms

Comparing hand-optimization with tool-based optimization.
October 24, 2019
Semi Thoughts

Long And Longer Reach SerDes – On The Road Again

Dispatches from the AI Hardware Summit and ECOC 2019.
September 26, 2019
Intelligent Analytics

Responsibility And Automotive Security

It's time for the automotive industry to come together to define security bes...
August 22, 2019
Against The Grain

Make-Or-Break Time For Portable Stimulus

We hear a lot from vendors about the new Portable Stimulus Standard, but how ...
October 25, 2018

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5/3nm Wars Begin

New transistors structures are on the horizon with new tools and processes, but there are lots of problems, too.

Can Germany’s Auto Industry Keep Pace?

New technology is challenging decades of engineering leadership.

CEO Outlook: 2020 Vision

5G, China and AI are prominent, but big changes are coming everywhere.

What Engineers Are Reading And Watching

Some new areas are emerging, while other tried and trusted topics continue to lead.

Analog: Avoid Or Embrace?

Data converters are required whenever you move between the analog and digital domains, and they present both challenges and opportunities.