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Improving Network Security Threat Detection

Collecting security-related information is one thing. Getting the most benefit from that data is another. Security analysts get lots of alerts from their security tools. This forces them to prioritize the ones that will get investigated. When additional context is added to the security data, it makes it easier to see what traffic needs a closer look. For instance, discovery, forensics, and reme... » read more

Using Simulation To Overcome Three Millimeter-Wave Design Challenges

Radio designers are embracing system simulation to reduce design time and ensure their devices meet the 5G NR specification. We explore 3 simulation techniques to overcome mmWave design challenges. Click here to read more. » read more

Advanced Modulation And Coding Challenges

Demands for a connected world with instant data access continue to drive data center transceiver innovation. 100 gigabit Ethernet (GE) data transmission is in production and will continue to evolve. But 100GE speeds aren’t fast enough to support the expected surge in connected devices and the applications they will run, opening the door for 400GE. Non-return-to-zero (NRZ) and four-level pulse... » read more

EMC Pre-Compliance Fundamentals

Once you’ve designed your electronic product, it’s time to release it to market, right? Well, not exactly. As with any product development, you need to first test the device you’re designing to validate that it behaves as expected. One such important test that all electronic devices must eventually pass are EMI (electromagnetic interference) compliance tests. Passing EMI tests d... » read more

6 Oscilloscope Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Scope

Get the most out of your oscilloscope with these six tips covering basic triggering, probing, scaling signals, using the right acquisition mode, and more. Click here to read more. » read more

E-Mobility: Navigate Safety, Interoperability, And Conformance

Although the concept of electric vehicles (EV) has been around for a while, the EV and EV supply equipment (EVSE) markets are not well-regulated or fully operational. This presents several challenges for EV and EVSE manufacturers throughout the e-mobility ecosystem. Safety, interoperability, and conformance are important criteria for enabling e-mobility, and Keysight is ready to help. Read this... » read more

DDR Memory Test Challenges From DDR3 to DDR5

Cloud, networking, enterprise, high-performance computing, big data, and artificial intelligence are propelling the development of double data rate (DDR) memory chip technology. Demand for lower power requirements, higher density for more memory storage, and faster transfer speeds are constant. Servers drive the demand for next-generation DDR. Consumers benefit when existing and legacy generati... » read more

Optimize 5G New Radio MIMO Test And Debug

Radio technology is evolving from single antenna transmit-receive communication systems to multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antenna communication systems. MIMO technology is a wireless communication technique for sending and receiving multiple data signals simultaneously over the same radio channel. MIMO techniques play a prominent role in Wi-Fi communications, as well as in 4G long-term e... » read more

Best Practices For Visibility Architecture Tap Planning

When it comes to data monitoring, ensuring proper access to network data is one of the most critical things you can do. Missing and incorrect data will slow down the analysis of problems by your security monitoring and tools. It may also lead to false conclusions by those tools. In turn, this can lead to missed security threats, false positives for security threats and network impairments, and ... » read more

The Essential Signal Generator Guide Building A Solid Foundation In RF — Part 1

Eliminate uncertainties and doubts from your test results with a reliable signal source. Engineers designing consumer wireless, military communications, or radar devices face an ongoing bandwidth crunch in spectrum filled with interference. An accurate signal generator offers precise and stable test signals for characterizing your device under test (DUT). It also lets you apply impairments t... » read more

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