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System-Level Design

System Bits: Nov. 14

Cyber attack tracking; entangled atoms; next-gen search.

System Bits: Nov. 7

Debugging deep learning algorithms; big data analysis; higher quality VR.

System Bits: Oct. 31

Auto diagnostics; ML fights cancer; twisted light.

System Bits: Oct. 24

Light not wires; selective memory; nanotube fiber antennas.

System Bits: Oct. 17

Ingestible sensors; brain-mimicking material; self-assembling bacteria sensors.

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Low-Power High-Performance

Power/Performance Bits: Nov. 14

Bacteria power wastewater cleanup; perovskites for terahertz communications; spider silk microphones.

Power/Performance Bits: Nov. 7

Speeding up MRAM; batteries for better braces; cheaper touch screens.

Power/Performance Bits: Oct. 31

Battery material supplies; looking at dendrites; improved concentrating solar power receivers.

Power/Performance Bits: Oct. 24

Molecular storage; cheap grid battery; paper-based supercapacitor.

Power/Performance Bits: Oct. 17

Harvesting body heat; cheap sodium battery; record optical switching capacity.

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Manufacturing, Design & Test

Manufacturing Bits: Nov. 14

GaN for electric cars; GaN gas sensors; bulk GaN templates.

Manufacturing Bits: Nov. 7

Making a superbeam; new states of light.

Manufacturing Bits: Oct. 31

Tiny jet engines; axions; fluorescence inspection.

Manufacturing Bits: Oct. 24

Redefining unit measurements; 3D metrology; IEDM preview.

Manufacturing Bits: Oct. 17

WIMP dark matter detector; tiny accelerator; MOMS sensors.

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