Industry Research

Research Bits: September 19

Measuring lithography plasma sources; hexagonal boron nitride for heat; mode-division multiplexing.

Chip Industry’s Technical Paper Roundup: Sept 19

Formally verifying data-oblivious behavior in HW; extensible DRAM simulator; instruction cache for ULP processor clusters; evaluating RISC-V for HP...

Research Bits: September 11

Combining digital and analog; ballpoint pen for LEDs; battery for smart contact lenses.

Technical Paper Roundup: Sept 11

NIST EUV report; automotive intrusion detection; computing on data stored in DNA; graphene transistor for biosensing; shallow dynamic circuits for ...

Research Bits: September 5

Layered TMD semiconductors; neuromorphic electric double layer transistor.

Technical Paper Roundup: Sept 5

Quantum memory; EUV mask absorbers; 10T SRAM for AI edge processors; HW design and verification; distributed batteries for 3D ICs; formally modelin...

Security Research: Technical Paper Round-up

HW-related security papers at the USENIX Security Symposium include remote direct memory introspection, side channel attacks, transient execution a...

Research Bits: August 29

Memory focus: Resistive switching with hafnium oxide; bottom contact for ferroelectric memory; gallium oxide in space.

Chip Industry’s Technical Paper Roundup: August 22

Graphene-based memristive neuromorphic devices; HW-SW confidentiality verification; chiplet-based FHE accelerator; p-type 2D transistor arrays; pha...

Research Bits: August 22

Photonic memory; wires from proteins; heat-assisted detection and ranging.

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