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System-Level Design

System Bits: July 18

Neural network melanoma detector; ultra-high-contrast digital sensing; CRISPR takes cells to movies.

System Bits: July 11

Deep learning for heart defects; lab-on-a-chip sepsis test; brain training app.

System Bits: July 3

VW emissions cheat; parallel processing speed up; DNA mini-machines.

System Bits: June 27

Quantum coding; driving drones; safer autonomous vehicles.

System Bits: June 20

Bespoke processors; quantum dot transistors.

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Low-Power High-Performance

Power/Performance Bits: July 18

Ad hoc cache hierarchies; spintronic switch; low-power temperature sensor.

Power/Performance Bits: July 11

3D chip integrates computing, storage; battery-free cellphone; self-powered smart window.

Power/Performance Bits: July 3

Transient electronics; lensless camera; reducing screen reflection.

Power/Performance Bits: June 27

Superconducting nanowire memory cell; reconfigurable circuits; wireless charging.

Power/Performance Bits: June 20

Batteries from scrap metal; battery-free pacemaker.

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Manufacturing, Design & Test

Manufacturing Bits: July 18

Brain microscopes; neuro imaging; measuring kilograms.

Manufacturing Bits: July 11

China’s storage ring for EUV; world’s largest X-ray laser.

Manufacturing Bits: July 3

MacEtch and chips; AI predictive maintenance; superalloys.

Manufacturing Bits: June 27

World’s brightest laser; EUV mask inspection; $1.7M microscope.

Manufacturing Bits: June 20

Solar cell metrology; photovoltaic alloys.

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