Industry Research

Research Bits: Feb. 19

DNA assembly of 3D nanomaterials; Mott insulator transistor; faster wireless data speeds.

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: Feb. 19

Pre-silicon emulation of RISC-V designs; HW security bugs in OpenTitan; direct write and rewrite of photonic chips; nanoscale vectorial currents; m...

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: Feb. 13

Advanced packaging roadmap; heterogeneous SoCs; simulation intervals for cache memory; beyond-bound error correction for DRAM; measuring by pixelat...

Research Bits: Feb. 13

Fast phase-change memory; miniature quantum memory; light and magnets.

Research Bits: Feb. 6

Photonics: Circuit laser printer; light propagation; optical neural network.

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: Feb. 6

LLM inference on Intel GPU; DNA for 3D nanostructures; regulating supply voltage and clock frequency; nanoscale PCM; GPGPU simulator; RISC-V MCU fo...

Research Bits: Jan. 30

Energy harvesting: Etching tellurite glass, self-powered sensors, limestone putty TENG.

Research Bits: Jan. 23

Memristors: Bayesian neural network, hybrid phase-change, silver chalcogenides.

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: Jan. 23

Compute-in-memory; HW generators; distributed training on Frontier for LLMs; GaN and SiC Power Devices; in-memory computing for neuromorphic system...

Research Bits: Jan. 16

Stacking 2D materials; physical reservoir computing; TECs in glass substrates.

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