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System-Level Design

System Bits: May 23

Diamond transistors; switchable transistors; graphene kills bacteria.

System Bits: May 16

Quantum-circuit refrigerator; electrochemical water purification; synthetic sensors.

System Bits: May 9

Adaptable graphene; skin-thin electronics; ethene to graphene.

System Bits: May 2

Biased bots; quantum batteries; ingestible electronics.

System Bits: April 25

Cheaper wafers; cystic fibrosis sensor; autonomous aerial vehicles.

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Low-Power High-Performance

Power/Performance Bits: May 23

Biosupercapacitor; highly conductive transparent film; electroplating cathodes.

Power/Performance Bits: May 16

Chaos-based IC; electrolytes for sodium, magnesium batteries; graphene speaker.

Power/Performance Bits: May 9

Integrated battery and solar cell; rechargeable zinc battery.

Power/Performance Bits: May 2

Turning bottles into batteries; super-efficient solar; icy batteries.

Power/Performance Bits: April 25

Thermal diode; MoS2 microprocessor; stable lithium metal batteries.

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Manufacturing, Design & Test

Manufacturing Bits: May 23

Pushing optical metrology; advancing X-ray metrology; ionic metrology.

Manufacturing Bits: May 16

Musical learning chips; nanocar races; Intel’s 3D regulator; IEDM.

Manufacturing Bits: May 9

China’s quantum computer; UMC’s ReRAM/finFET; atomic switch PLDs.

Manufacturing Bits: May 2

Patterning 1nm features; measuring snowflakes; beam splitters.

Manufacturing Bits: April 25

Making strange hadrons; speeding up catalyst R&D.

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