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System-Level Design

System Bits: April 16

Borophene; trapping oxygen; sensitive measurements.

System Bits: April 8

Teaching computers; saltwater batteries; metamaterials.

System Bits: April 2

Polythene films; safer batteries; bespoke nanocrystals.

System Bits: March 26

Online polygraph; magnetic fields; beta-gallium oxide.

System Bits: March 19

Sustainable nanomesh; beyond 5G; photonics device.

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Low-Power High-Performance

Power/Performance Bits: April 16

Faster CNN training; efficient flash for data centers; static negative capacitor.

Power/Performance Bits: April 8

Predicting battery life; realistic self-driving simulations; identifying images like AI.

Power/Performance Bits: April 2

DNA programming; multi-function sensor; soft logic.

Power/Performance Bits: Mar. 26

Material holds both electrons, holes; nanowire UV LED; washable, wearable display.

Power/Performance Bits: Mar. 19

Explainable AI; low-power ASIC for small robots; ionic transistor.

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Manufacturing, Design & Test

Manufacturing Bits: April 16

Water that won’t freeze; modeling water behavior.

Manufacturing Bits: April 8

Designing metamaterials; thermal emitters; adjustable wings.

Manufacturing Bits: April 2

Bright particle accelerators; fast FELs; particle beams.

Manufacturing Bits: March 26

ALD materials database; plasma processes; plasma jobs.

Manufacturing Bits: March 19

Exascale computers; controlling noise.

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