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System-Level Design

System Bits: Dec. 11

AV costs; exchanging quantum information; 3D digitization of objects.

System Bits: Dec. 4

Driverless car navigation; AI speeds up cancer research; easier drone navigation.

System Bits: Nov. 27

Ionic wind aircraft; AI radiology; magnetic topological insulator.

System Bits: Nov. 20

Thermal transistor; smart agriculture; electronic skin.

System Bits: Nov. 13

DL allergen detection; folded optical devices; skin-like sensor.

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Low-Power High-Performance

Power/Performance Bits: Dec. 11

Internet of Ears for smart buildings; loose-fitting smart clothing; privacy and photo info services.

Power/Performance Bits: Dec. 4

Bio-hybrid fungi; textile power storage; long-lasting aluminum batteries.

Power/Performance Bits: Nov. 27

Hybrid solar device; perovskite LED efficiency; stretchy solar.

Power/Performance Bits: Nov. 20

In-memory compute accelerator; reducing app power consumption; sensing with protein nanowires.

Power/Performance Bits: Nov. 13

ML identifies LED material; protecting batteries with nanotubes; saving energy on cooling.

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Manufacturing, Design & Test

Manufacturing Bits: Dec. 11

FinFET vs. FD-SOI pH sensors; 3D ISFETs.

Manufacturing Bits: Dec. 4

Probing Mars; super rad-hard Intel chip; nano-satellites.

Manufacturing Bits: Nov. 27

New kilogram definition; quantum compass; quantum processor.

Manufacturing Bits: Nov. 20

Predicting crystal structures; machine learning for materials; enzymes.

Manufacturing Bits: Nov. 13

Quantum memories; neuron circuits; MRAM deal.

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