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Low-Power High-Performance

Power/Performance Bits: Aug. 4

Assessing code similarity; energy from shadows.

Power/Performance Bits: July 28

Programmable photonics; speedy Internet; anti-counterfeiting with light.

Power/Performance Bits: July 21

AI hardware; recharging in motion.

Power/Performance Bits: July 14

5G switches; sound storage; ML for batteries.

Power/Performance Bits: July 6

Photonics: programmable and smaller.

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Manufacturing, Design & Test

Manufacturing Bits: Aug. 4

Advancing rheometry; measuring astatine.

Manufacturing Bits: July 28

Nanoscale IR imaging; synchrotron IR; pulsed force microscopy.

Manufacturing Bits: July 21

Intel’s next-gen MRAM; silicon oxide ReRAM; FeFETs.

Manufacturing Bits: July 14

3D complementary FETs; 2D MoS2 FETs.

Manufacturing Bits: July 6

Luminosity record; faster X-ray diffraction; dark energy.

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