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Research Bits: June 18

Gallium nitride can take the heat; liquid metal logic; ultra-thin lens.

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: June 18

Chiplet probing attacks; RISC-V Rowhammer; HPC QPU eval; CTFET at varying temps; KANs as alternative to MLPs; TNN inference on RISC-V edge systems;...

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: June 10

Neuromorphic processors; RISC-V formal verification; GaN at high temps; thermal properties of system-on-foil; thermally aged flip-chip package; rad...

Research Bits: June 4

Quantum on silicon: Ultra-pure silicon chips; diamond qubit array on CMOS; tiny light detector.

Research Bits: May 28

Memristors: Nanofluidic neural networks; tunable relaxation time; analog in-memory computing.

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: May 28

Memory system benchmarking, simulation; decoder-only transformer models; quantum chiplets; AI workloads on MCM accelerators; FeFETS for in-memory c...

Research Bits: May 21

Photonics: Lithium tantalate PIC; programmable processor for RF; high-speed signal processing.

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: May 21

DRAM microarchitecture; engineering isotopes; open EDA tools; foundry model for flexible electronics; 300mm cryogenic probing on spin qubit devices...

Research Bits: May 13

Capacitors: On-chip; stretchable and twistable; 2D nanofillers.

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: May 13

2D-TMD tunnel-FETs; AI-optimized FPGAs; modeling content addressable memories; LLM for synthesis errors; materials for high-temp; synthesis of gold...

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