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Chip Industry Week In Review

Applied Materials' $4B facility at risk; AI chip bonanza; Japan, U.S. alliance; Rapidus' U.S. subsidiary; EDA revenue up; TSMC $6.6B funding; Infin...

Chip Industry Week In Review

IC sales up; Taiwan's quake; Japan's big bets; Intel Foundry loss; edgeAI startup funding; smartphone market's recovery; robots; data center securi...

Chip Industry Week In Review

China restricts U.S. processors; Samsung's CXL, DRAM module and roadmap; ASML's $2.7B retention bonus; U.S., Mexico partner up; Keysight's $1.5B of...

Chip Industry Week In Review

U.S. IC strategy; Synopsys' latest buy; Intel's $8.5B funding; Cadence's AI digital twin for data centers; Apple sued for antitrust over iPhone; AS...

Chip Industry Week In Review

Europe expands its semi footprint; Arm-Cadence automotive chiplets; Indian government's tech deals; Europe's AI Act; Cerebras' 4T transistors; DTCO...

Chip Industry Week In Review

Cadence's +$1B multi-physics acquisition; memory's rebound; S. Korea chip equipment hacks; AMD's China roadblock; Dutch concerns over ASML; semi sa...

Chip Industry Week In Review

India to add 2 fabs and packaging plant; U.S. funds advanced packaging materials; 2nm backside power delivery; Intel spins out Altera; HBM3E; 1.6T ...

Chip Industry Week In Review

Intel's foundry push; GF's big subsidy; Arm's Neoverse systems; ASE's new facilities; imec's ADC architecture and UWB chip; automotive chiplets; UC...

Intel, And Others, Inside

Why the company's foundry push is starting to win converts.

Broad Impact From Accelerating Tech Cycles

How disruptive new technologies affect the infrastructure that will leverage them.


Startup Funding: March 2024

Investors connect with interconnects; $1.1 billion for 39 companies.

Startup Funding: February 2024

Power electronics, data center interconnects among 49 startups that raised $800 million.

Startup Funding: January 2024

Chiplet packaging, AI, and quantum draw investment; 20 startups raise nearly $840 million.

Startup Funding: December 2023

Funding boosts photonics for AI, flexible chips; $1.3 billion for 72 companies.

Trendspotting: Automotive IC Startup Funding In 2023

Who's investing in automotive chip startups, where it's happening, and what's driving it.

Startup Funding: November 2023

Big month for quantum computing; 59 companies raise $1.7 billion.

Startup Funding: October 2023

Data centers draw largest investments; $3.2 billion total slated for 58 companies.

Startup Funding: September 2023

Data center I/O, AI accelerators; nanostructures split in half; automotive full-stack driverless vehicle platforms; SPM for 3D surface measurements.

Startup Funding: August 2023

Investors funnel $4.2 billion into startups; AI hardware, automotive draw the most attention.

Startup Funding: July 2023

Investors pump $2.8B into 123 companies. Topping the list are photonic chips and a foundry to build them, and silicon qubits.

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