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Electromigration Concerns Grow In Advanced Packages

Higher density, heat, and more materials make it harder to ensure reliability.

What Works Best For Chiplets

Not all chiplets are interchangeable, and options will be limited.

Enabling Advanced Devices With Atomic Layer Processes

Tradeoff between precision and speed becomes more critical at advanced nodes.

Early STEM Education Key To Growing Future Chip Workforce

Community outreach and partnerships can drive interest in STEM subjects and chip jobs among children, parents, and teachers.

Powering CFETs From The Backside

Next-gen transistors will benefit from the new power delivery scheme, but there are plenty of challenges ahead.

UCIe Goes Back To The Drawing Board

The open chiplet interconnect protocol faces some formidable challenges, but progress continues.

Building CFETs With Monolithic And Sequential 3D

Area benefits are significant for future transistor shrinks, but manufacturing challenges remain.

Tackling Variability With AI-based Process Control

How AI is being used in the fab today, and what's coming in the future.

Chip Ecosystem Apprenticeships Help Close The Talent Gap

Registered apprenticeships, community colleges, and in-house training can help build a broad workforce pipeline for technician roles and more advan...

Fan-Out Panel-Level Packaging Hurdles

The economics look attractive, but first the industry needs convergence on panel size, process tools, and materials.

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Making Heterogeneous Integration More Predictable

Engineering teams, methods, and modeling need to be rethought. One size doesn't fit all, and defects are inevitable.

What Can Go Wrong In Heterogeneous Integration

Workflows and tools are disconnected, mechanical stress is ill-defined, and complete co-planarity is nearly impossible. But there are solutions on ...

Heterogeneous Integration Finding Its Footing

Definitions, applications, and tools are still evolving, but success stories are becoming more common.

Data Management Challenges In Heterogeneous Systems

Who owns the data, how to secure it, and who can monetize it still need to be resolved.

Need To Share Data Widens In IC Manufacturing

But access must be limited to relevant data, particularly for leading-edge designs and advanced packaging.

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Secure Movement Of Data In Test

Why heterogeneous integration changes how data is used in manufacturing.

Challenges Of Testing Advanced Packages

Bundling more chips or chiplets increases the difficulty of thoroughly testing a device.

High-NA EUV Progress And Problems

Why it's necessary, when it's coming, and what still needs to be done.

Challenges Of Heterogeneous Integration

Cramming more features into a small space adds challenges and benefits.

Challenges In Packaging 5G And 6G

From package-defined antennas to antenna-defined packages, and lots of tradeoffs in between.

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Silicon Photonics Manufacturing Ramps Up

The promise of photonics ICs is spurring innovation, but complex processes and a lack of open foundries are keeping it from reaching its full potential.

Chip Industry Week In Review

Applied Materials' $4B facility at risk; AI chip bonanza; Japan, U.S. alliance; Rapidus' U.S. subsidiary; EDA revenue up; TSMC $6.6B funding; Infineon, Amkor team up; S. Korea's big bet; Apple's processor overhaul; high-NA EUVL defect system; chiplet HW security module; new Spectre attack.

Chip Industry Week In Review

China restricts U.S. processors; Samsung's CXL, DRAM module and roadmap; ASML's $2.7B retention bonus; U.S., Mexico partner up; Keysight's $1.5B offer to Spirent; Lam's new pulsed laser deposition; new OSAT center.

Digital Twins Target IC Tool And Fab Efficiency

Virtual representations will improve performance and productivity across the entire design through manufacturing flow, but deployments will vary in effectiveness and timelines.

Early STEM Education Key To Growing Future Chip Workforce

Community outreach and partnerships can drive interest in STEM subjects and chip jobs among children, parents, and teachers.