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Advanced Packaging Options Increase

But putting multiple chips into a package is still difficult and expensive.

GaN Versus Silicon For 5G

Silicon still wins in sub-6 GHz, but after that GaN looks increasingly attractive.

Wanted: More Fab Tool Part Standards

More complex equipment and advanced processes require higher reliability from thousands of parts.

Cloudy Outlook Seen For IC Biz

The remainder of 2019 is mixed, but 2020 is looking better—at least for now.

200mm Cools Off, But Not For Long

New market opportunities, a push by SiC vendors to larger wafers and a shortage of used equipment are raising concerns across the industry.

Challenges Grow For 5G Packages And Modules

5G wireless networks drive need for new IC packages and modules.

Creating 2D Compounds

Van der Waals heterostructure becomes a building block for physicists.

Debate Over Health Of Moore’s Law Continues

Reporter's Notebook: At Semicon West, CEOs from across the industry continue to debate whether Moore’s Law is alive or dead.

EUV, Deep Learning Issues In Mask Making

Experts at the Table: Deep learning is a hot topic, but can the industry use it for mask making? (Part 3)

5nm Vs. 3nm

Half nodes, different transistor types, and numerous other options are adding uncertainty everywhere.

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Round Tables

EUV, Deep Learning Issues In Mask Making

Experts at the Table: Deep learning is a hot topic, but can the industry use it for mask making? (Part 3)

Power, Reliability And Security In Packaging

Experts at the Table, part 3: Why advanced packaging is now a critical element in compute architectures, 5G, automotive and AI systems.

EUV Mask Gaps And Issues

Experts at the Table, part 2: EUV mask tools are ready, but pellicles and turnaround times remain problematic.

Focus Shifting From 2.5D To Fan-Outs For Lower Cost

Experts at the Table, part 2: Interposer costs continue to limit adoption of fastest and lowest-power options, but that's about to change.

Moore’s Law Now Requires Advanced Packaging

Experts at the Table, part 1: Shrinking features isn't enough anymore. The big challenge now is how to achieve economies of scale and minimize comp...

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Manufacturing Printed Sensors

An inside look at the unique properties and uses of this technology.

Process Window Optimization

How to deal with variation, and interactions between various types of variation.

Material Choices In Printed Temperature Sensors

How printed sensors compare with sensors in chips.

Changes In Smart Manufacturing

The impact of more data and AI on overall efficiency and ROI.

Advanced Process Control

How to eke another node's worth of power, performance and area benefits from existing nodes.

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Next frontier for robots—the kitchen.
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Adaptation In A Volatile Era

There are ways to achieve the net effect of Moore's Law without billions of d...
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3D NAND has led to complex deposition and etch with angstrom-level precision ...
October 18, 2018

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Cloudy Outlook Seen For IC Biz

The remainder of 2019 is mixed, but 2020 is looking better—at least for now.

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