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Defect Challenges Grow For IC Packaging

New equipment will help, but it's expensive and requires more steps.

Much Smarter Manufacturing

How AI, ubiquitous connectivity, and sensors everywhere are reshaping manufacturing of chips, and nearly everything else.

Mask/Lithography Issues For Mature Nodes

Experts at the Table: Aging tools with no spare parts, but near-zero CapEx, are holding back purchases of new equipment.

DRAM, 3D NAND Face New Challenges

Various memories and business outlooks are all over the map, sometimes literally, with lots of confusion ahead.

Industry Pushes For Fab Tool Security Standards

Vulnerabilities from old equipment plus huge value of data makes chip manufacturers a potential target.

Neural Networks Without Matrix Math

A different approach to speeding up AI and improving efficiency.

Power Amp Wars Begin For 5G

Companies are working with different materials and approaches in different regions.

Recovery In Flat-Panel Display Biz

Stay-at-home economy boosts demand, more capacity being built.

Zeroing In On Biological Computing

The challenges of developing artificial neurons with Mott insulators.

Finding Defects With E-Beam Inspection

New tools utilize different approaches, including ML, to boost performance.

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Mask/Lithography Issues For Mature Nodes

Experts at the Table: Aging tools with no spare parts, but near-zero CapEx, are holding back purchases of new equipment.

What’s Next With AI In Fabs?

Where machine/deep learning is useful and where it's not.

How And Where ML Is Being Used In IC Manufacturing

Experts at the Table: ML is playing a bigger role in metrology and lithography, but it can't replace physics-based models.

What Machine Learning Can Do In Fabs

Experts at the Table: It's not as accurate as simulation, but it's a lot faster.

Making And Protecting Advanced Masks

Experts at the Table: AI, EUV pellicles and inverse lithography are hot topics in mask making today.

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Virtual Fabrication At 7/5/3nm

Using data from multiple sources to improve yield.

Challenges At 3/2nm

New structures, processes and yield/performance issues.

Using Digital Twins And DL In Lithography

How to speed up manufacturing with inverse lithography technology with complex curvilinear data.

Curvilinear Full-Chip ILT

Why inverse lithography technology has finally come of age.

Manufacturing Printed Sensors

An inside look at the unique properties and uses of this technology.

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Nvidia-Arm is just the beginning; more acquisitions are on the horizon.

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Experts at the Table: The current state of open-source tools, and what the RISC-V landscape will look like by 2025.

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System-Level Packaging Tradeoffs

Growing complexity is creating an array of confusing options.

Startup Funding: September 2020

Big investment in EV, batteries, and data center chips as 26 companies raise $2.6B.