Navigating The Talent Crunch: AI Solutions For A Thriving Semiconductor Manufacturing Sector

The CHIPS and Science Act is a historic piece of legislation passed by the US government in 2022 aimed at regaining American leadership in semiconductor manufacturing. Supported by an unprecedented $52 billion in federal funding, this investment will also address supply chain vulnerabilities and national security concerns that were made glaringly public by the COVID epidemic. In addition to ... » read more

Transforming Semiconductor Manufacturing: How AI And ML Boost Productivity And Beat The Skill Shortage

In the fast-paced world of semiconductor manufacturing, where innovation and efficiency are essential, there is a serious challenge – the persistent skilled labor shortage. As evident by billboards looking for workers along major highways, this shortage is not just a concern but a pressing reality. Semiconductor manufacturers in the United States face a multifaceted problem—tightened... » read more