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Why Standard Memory Choices Are So Confusing

Cost makes it difficult to supplant DRAM and NAND, but the number of options around those memories continues to grow.

The Challenge Of Defining Worst Case

What are the worst-case conditions for a chip, and should you worry about them? Of course, it is a little more complicated than that.

Speeding Up 3D Design

Why the chip industry is plowing ahead with advanced packaging and what can be done to improve it.

Addressing Pain Points In Chip Design

Partitioning, debug and first-pass working silicon lead the list of problems that need to be solved.

Tricky Tradeoffs For LPDDR5

New memory offers better performance, but that still doesn't make the choice simple.

Pushing Memory Harder

Can the processor/memory bottleneck be closed, or do applications need to be re-architected to avoid it?

Focus Shifts To Wasted Power

Low power is no longer enough. Is all of the power consumed usefully? Low energy is the new goal.

Using Emulators For Power/Performance Tradeoffs

Chip design's big iron is moving further forward in the design cycle.

Less Margin, More Respins, And New Markets

How physics is reshaping the leading edge of design.

More Data, More Processing, More Chips

Arm's CEO examines the impact of an explosion of data at the edge, 5G and heterogeneous architectures.

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Round Tables

Addressing Pain Points In Chip Design

Partitioning, debug and first-pass working silicon lead the list of problems that need to be solved.

Why DRAM Won’t Go Away

New materials, new architectures and higher density have limited what can be done with DRAM, but it's still king (Experts At The Table Part 3)

DRAM Tradeoffs: Speed Vs. Energy

Experts at the Table: Which type of DRAM is best for different applications, and why performance and power can vary so much.

HBM2 Vs. GDDR6: Tradeoffs In DRAM

Experts at the Table, part 1: Choices vary depending upon application, cost and the need for capacity and bandwidth, but the number of options is c...

Planning For 5G And The Edge

Experts at the Table, part 2: Understanding 5G's benefits, limitations and design challenges.

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Making Sense Of Inferencing Options

How end applications determine which compute elements to use.

Reducing Data At The Source

A very different approach to adding efficiency into processing.

GDDR6 Drilldown: Applications, Tradeoffs And Specs

How GDDR6 compares to other memory types and where it works best.

Thermal Challenges And Moore’s Law

Why some components are getting much larger and more expensive.

Making Sense Of ML Metrics

What really matters in performance/power comparisons.

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Editor's Note

AI’s Impact On Power And Performance

While AI can speed up chips, it's not always obvious where and for how long.
November 14, 2019
Spotlight On Reliability

Virtual System Development Platforms For Safeguarding Com...

Improved quality begins with the combination of different models and previous...
A Bit About Memory

GDDR6 Pushes The Memory Envelope For AI And ADAS

Balancing tradeoffs between bandwidth, capacity and power-efficiency.
Best Of Both: LP & HP

Three Steps To Complete Reset Behavior Verification

Hard to catch reset bugs call for static analysis, simulation, and formal ana...
IP And LP In SoCs

Implementing Low-Power Machine Learning In Smart IoT Appl...

What's needed for performing inference efficiently in low/mid-end edge devices.
At The Core

Scalable Platforms For Evolving AI

We need to design systems capable of dynamically adjusting the type—not jus...
Let's Talk PVT Monitoring

Finding Hotspots In AI Chips

Considerations when determining where to place thermal monitoring sensors on ...
The Disruptive Edge

Building Access Control With Free Topology

Creating a campus-wide access system can mean managing hundreds of devices ne...
Everything Low Power

Mary Jane Irwin Receives The Kaufman Award

The achievements of the first woman to receive EDA's major honor.
October 10, 2019
Electromagnetic Crosstalk

How to Make Sure IP will Float in the Rough SoC Sea

The impact of coupling on designs and what to watch out for.
December 19, 2018
Power Awareness

Aging Analysis Hits Mainstream

Increasingly, the ability to address transistor aging is showing up in EDA to...
November 8, 2018

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New approaches to managing and processing data emerge, along with standard ways to compare them.

Power Complexity On The Rise

New architectures, different markets and more variables make it increasingly difficult to design and verify low-power chips.

Power Semi Wars Begin

They won’t replace silicon, but GaN and SiC are becoming much more attractive as prices drop.

Week in Review: IoT, Security, Autos

Rambus completes Visa deal; CEVA licensing; Chinese hacking.

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