Neural Network Model Quantization On Mobile

The general definition of quantization states that it is the process of mapping continuous infinite values to a smaller set of discrete finite values. In this blog, we will talk about quantization in the context of neural network (NN) models, as the process of reducing the precision of the weights, biases, and activations. Moving from floating-point representations to low-precision fixed intege... » read more

Arm A-Profile Architecture Developments 2023

As computing demands continue to evolve with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and advancing security threats, it is imperative that the foundational computing architecture at the heart of the world’s devices continues to evolve. This is why our engineering teams add new features and technologies to the pervasive Arm architecture, with the software teams then ensuring that software lan... » read more

Nginx Performance On AWS Graviton3

In this blog we explore the performance of a Nginx Reverse Proxy (RP) and API Gateway (APIGW) on AWS Graviton3-based instances. We will also refer to these collectively as RP/APIGW. We compared AWS Graviton3-based instances to Intel Xeon 'Ice Lake'-based instances and AWS Graviton2-based instances to demonstrate the leadership performance available with AWS Graviton3. Summary Compared to AWS ... » read more

Neon Intrinsics In Rust

At the end of 2021, the Neon intrinsics in Rust were completed and the community proposed stabilizing them (not requiring a nightly compiler). The implementation of the Neon intrinsics was a large effort mostly undertaken by the Rust community so Arm would like to thank everyone involved in that. At the time of writing, all the Neon intrinsics that are Armv8.0-A are implemented and are stabi... » read more

Improved Arm Server Price-Performance For HPC

The availability of Amazon EC2 Hpc7g instances with the AWS Graviton3E and Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) is opening new opportunities in key areas: Manufacturing Aerospace Automotive engineering Weather prediction The new AWS EC2 instance types have AWS Graviton3E’s 64 Arm Neoverse V1 cores and 8 channels of DDR5 memory. This is alongside the AWS Nitro v5 card with EFA deliver... » read more

How To Address The Top 5 Silicon Startup Challenges

From our 30 years of experience, Arm understands that designing silicon can be complex and expensive. Against the backdrop of global supply chain issues and wider economic challenges, today’s climate can be challenging for the tech industry, particularly those creating the next wave of silicon products. Startups are looking for every opportunity to maximize their success with their first t... » read more

Making It Easier To Build Platforms That Support Confidential Computing

With the rise of the cloud, computation has become highly distributed. Workloads can be running on many compute nodes and often span multiple data centers. A workload consists of a combination of code and data, and both are often valuable and sensitive. A data center is often managed by a third-party, such as Cloud Service Provider (CSP), and may reside in a different legal jurisdiction to the ... » read more

Introducing Device Virtualization Principles For Real-Time Systems

The rising market share of electric vehicles and the reduction in combustion engines required in the future is transforming the automotive industry. One could think this would lead to a simplification in vehicle design, but with driver assistance technologies becoming a key differentiator, they are in fact becoming real "data centers on wheels." Furthermore, car drivers are used to a consumer-b... » read more

Spark On AWS Graviton2 Best Practices: K-Means Clustering Case Study

This report focuses on how to tune a Spark application to run on a cluster of instances. We define the concepts for the cluster/Spark parameters, and explain how to configure them given a specific set of resources. We use a K-Means machine learning algorithm as a case study to analyze and tune the parameters to achieve the required performance while optimally using the available resources. W... » read more

Secure Device Updates On Matter

There are many who share the Arm vision of smart connected devices enabling rapid innovation in our work and home in the coming years. Such connectivity promises to yield new applications for solving problems and improving lives. But onlookers are keen to see how the industry resolves a large obstacle to the next phase of digital transformation: how to keep these smart devices securely upd... » read more

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