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Designing Vehicles Virtually

Increasing electronic content will require more simulation to keep pace with growing complexity and continual changes and updates.

Setting Standards For The Chip Industry

Industry veterans examine the inner workings of how standards are created.

Automotive Complexity, Supply Chain Strength Demands Tech...

Relationships in the automotive ecosystem stretch to deep technical developments as the industry pivots to electrification and autonomy.

AI Transformer Models Enable Machine Vision Object Detection

A system-level view of machine vision will be essential to move the technology forward.

Creating IP In The Shadow Of ISO 26262

In a field that demands safety compliance and specialized standards, IP and EDA tools must be certified; it's a long and complex process.

Multiple Hurdles In The Race To 6G

The entire supply chain, from chipmakers to infrastructure providers, will need to work together to avoid fragmentation.

Wi-Fi 7 Moves Forward, Adding Yet Another Protocol

Wireless technology is getting faster and more reliable, but it's also becoming more challenging to support all of the necessary protocols.

Confusion Grows Over Sensor Fusion In Autos

Multiple approaches are being explored for multiple data types, but it's still too early to say which is best — or whether any of them will short...

Solving The Last-Mile Delivery Problem

Autonomous roadside delivery robots may increase operational efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Curbing Automotive Cybersecurity Attacks

A growing number of standards and regulations within the automotive ecosystem promises to save developments costs by fending off cyberattacks.

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Round Tables

Why Auto Ecosystem Relationships Are Changing

As ecosystem partners bring their unique technologies and expertise to bear, end consumers will be the ones to benefit. But none of this will happe...

Auto Industry Relationships Re-Form, But Differently

With the changes in the relationships between automotive players, a new tier of provider is emerging. Here’s what it means.

Automotive Relationships Shifting With Chiplets

As the automotive ecosystem balances the best approaches for designing in increasingly advanced features, how companies interact is still evolving.

Chips Getting More Secure, But Not Quickly Enough

Awareness about potential vulnerabilities is increasing, but so is the complexity with heterogeneous integration and the increased reliance on semi...

IC Security Issues Grow, Solutions Lag

Signing off on hardware security may involve lifetime updates; AI adds unknowns that are difficult to trace.

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Tradeoffs In DSP Design

Architecting chips for maximum performance, low power, and configurability.

New Approaches To Sensors And Sensing

How sensor fusion and AI/ML are changing what can be done with sensors.

Improving Image Resolution At The Edge

Detecting and classifying more objects with improved accuracy.

LPDDR Flash In Automotive

Why a hybrid memory approach is required for new automotive architectures.

Programmable General-Purpose I/O

Using eFPGAs to extend the life of different blocks and reduce inventory.

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Safe, Secure, Smarter Cars

Why The SOAFEE Project Is Integral For The Design Of Conn...

The role of virtual prototyping as software becomes a key automotive differen...
September 7, 2023
Security Matters

Draft Standards For Quantum Safe Cryptography Are Here

An important milestone for key encapsulation mechanisms and digital signature...
Building The IoE

Integration Of S-Parameters For Power Module Verification...

The foundation for a holistic design and verification approach for power modu...
At The Edge

Radar Transceivers: How To Connect The Antennas

Maintaining high signal integrity and low losses throughout the entire RF sig...
Flexible Chips

Use Cases And Value Proposition Of eFPGA

Reducing cost and area while maintaining full reconfigurability and performance.
Secured Intelligent Mobility

BMS: The Guardian Of Battery Health And Security

Advancements in battery management systems pave the way for safer, more effic...
Design Bytes

AI PCB Design: How Generative AI Takes Us From Constraint...

Enhanced design space exploration for complex PCB placement and routing.
Memory Of Everything

Flash Memory Market Ushered In Fierce Competition With Th...

New opportunities for NOR flash as automotive electronics expand.
August 3, 2023
Evolving The Car

Automotive Growing In 2023

Reporter’s Notebook: Despite lingering supply chain challenges, there is pl...
February 2, 2023
Where Electronics Begins

The Indispensables: The Diverse Electronic System Design ...

Key innovations that helped shape the semiconductor industry.
February 15, 2022
Editor's Note

Don’t Toss That Gasoline Engine Just Yet

Even older vehicles can run on batteries, but there are limitations.
October 7, 2021

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Why Chiplets Don’t Work For All Designs

Getting this wrong can increase power and cost, while reducing performance.

Sweeping Changes For Leading-Edge Chip Architectures

Large language models and huge data volumes are prompting innovation at every level.

The Threat Of Supply Chain Insecurity

Counterfeit chips are a key piece of the growing security problem, but there are signs of improvement.

Chip Industry Week In Review

Apple security fix; Intel-Tower deal; Synopsys’ AI push; China’s trade violations; chip architecture shift; AMD buys AI Mipsology; TSMC’s photonics bet.

Chip Industry Week In Review

TSMC delays equipment buys; Cadence’s new AI-powered tools; iPhone 12 radiation woes; fab equipment spending; Arm’s IPO; Vietnam-U.S. partnership; Intel sells stake in mask writing biz to TSMC; new EV battery charges 80% in 10 mins.