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Choosing Between CCIX And CXL

Experts at the Table, Part 2: What's right for one design may not be right for the next. Here's why.

Spiking Neural Networks: Research Projects or Commercial ...

Opinions differ widely, but in this space that isn't unusual.

Which Chip Interconnect Protocol Is Better?

Experts at the Table Part 1: CXL and CCIX are different, but it's not always clear which is the best choice.

Inference Moves To The Network

Speeding up response by processing between the edge and the data center.

Vehicle Communications Network Is Due For Overhaul

Security is becoming bigger risk as vehicle automation increases; fixes and alternatives are in the works.

Making Sense Of PUFs

What's driving the resurgence of physically unclonable functions, and why this technology is so confusing.

Tracking Automotive’s Rapidly Shifting Ecosystem

Relationships and design strategies are in flux as OEMs and Tier 1s grapple for dominance.

More Multiply-Accumulate Operations Everywhere

Flex Logix's CEO points to the growing need for MAC functionality in a variety of new markets.

Battling Persistent Hacks At The Flash Level

Protecting the code involves more than just the processor.

New Architectural Issues Facing Auto Ecosystem

Smaller nodes and chip consolidation drive automotive players to rethink automotive architectures.

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Round Tables

Which Chip Interconnect Protocol Is Better?

Experts at the Table Part 1: CXL and CCIX are different, but it's not always clear which is the best choice.

Addressing IC Security Threats Before And After They Emerge

Experts at the Table: No chip will ever be completely secure, but that's not necessarily a problem.

Determining What Really Needs To Be Secured In A Chip

Experts at the Table: Why previous approaches at security have only limited success.

Security Risks In The Supply Chain

Trojans, a dual supply chain and industry consolidation are creating new threats for chipmakers.

Security Tradeoffs In A Shifting Global Supply Chain

How many simulation cycles are needed to crack an AES key? Plus, the impact of trade wars on semiconductor security and reliability.

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Big Changes For eFPGAs

Conversation shifts as this technology gains traction.

Who Owns A Car’s Chip Architecture

Carmakers and their suppliers compete for dominance, creating challenges across the electronics industry.

DDR PHY Training

Keeping DRAM in sync with changing product specs and market shifts.

Stream Vs. Pool Data Processing

Why different applications require very different process architectures.

Last-Level Cache

Improving performance with more on-chip data storage.

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Competition is growing from within the supply chain as companies vie for diff...
May 7, 2020
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Securing Data In Motion With MACsec

Creating a secure bi-directional link between Ethernet-connected devices.
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A New EDA Paradigm Emerges In Computational Software

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Safe, Secure, Smarter Cars

Optimizing Embedded Narrowband IoT Modem Solutions To Mee...

Reducing the implementation complexity of low-cost, low-power wide-area commu...
Design Reuse Made Real

3 Ways To Improve Design Collaboration

Part 1: How to save yourself time and frustration.
April 13, 2020
Reverse Engineering

The IoT Of COVID-19

Data is key to fighting a pandemic. IoT, AI and other tech working toward sol...
April 2, 2020

AI, Performance, Power, Safety Shine Spotlight On Last-Le...

Overcoming memory limitations in automotive systems.
DAC Exchange

DAC: An Exhibitor’s Perspective

Things to think about before and at DAC.
May 8, 2019

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Manufacturing chips at future nodes is possible from a technology standpoint, but that’s not the only consideration.

The Murky World Of AI Benchmarks

What works for one application may be wholly inadequate for another; accuracy may vary by use case.

Key Drivers In New Chip Industry Outlook

CEOs and analysts examine winners and losers and where demand is shifting.

‘More Than Moore’ Reality Check

Multi-chip design is becoming more mainstream, but gaps remain.

Spiking Neural Networks: Research Projects or Commercial Products?

Opinions differ widely, but in this space that isn’t unusual.