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Three Ways To Speed Up Timing Closure Of High-Speed PCB Interfaces

On advanced high-speed interfaces, timing closure can be an iterative process that can be time-consuming and frustrating. PCB designers need techniques and tools to make the process more efficient, so they can contribute to an overall faster time to market for the design. This article discusses three ways that the new Cadence Allegro TimingVision environment speeds up timing closure of high-spe... » read more

CMOS Noise Margin Values

One of the most important parameters describing digital systems operating at high speed is noise margin. In a general sense, noise margins define an acceptable level of noise that can be present on an I/O pin or in an interface. In terms of digital electronics, noise margin characterizes the level of noise that can appear on an I/O pin without creating an error in a received logic state. This i... » read more

Bridging the Gap Between Industry and Academia

The purpose of the Cadence Academic Network is to promote the proliferation of leading-edge technologies and methodologies at universities renowned for their engineering and design excellence in the areas of verification, design, and implementation of microelectronic systems. Taking a four-pronged approach of recruiting, promoting the Cadence university software program, establishing academic p... » read more

Quantum Well Design Basics

Key Takeaways The choice of materials for the quantum well and barrier layers is paramount. Materials must have compatible lattice structures to minimize defects, with common combinations including GaAs/AlGaAs, InGaAs/InP, and GaN/AlGaN. The width of the quantum well significantly influences the energy levels and density of states, where narrower wells result in greater separation betwe... » read more

What’s At Stake In System Design?

When engineers refer to system analysis, they are referring to tool functions for improving an overall electronics design. What you will gain from this eBook: Power and Signal Integrity Insights into harmonic balancing and crosstalk analysis Learning about loop gain and transmission rates Examining the necessity of power-aware systems Electromagnetic Analysis Knowledge ... » read more

Cadence Cerebrus In SaaS And Imagination Technologies Case Study

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made noteworthy progress and is now ready and available for electronic design automation. The Cadence Cerebrus Intelligent Chip Explorer utilizes AI—specifically, reinforcement machine learning (ML) technology—combined with the industry-leading Cadence digital full flow to deliver better power, performance, and area (PPA) more quickly. However, this highl... » read more

Overcoming Signal Integrity Challenges Of 112G Connections

One of the big challenges with 112G SerDes (and, to a lesser extent, all SerDes) is handling signal integrity issues. In the worst case of a long-reach application, the signal starts at the transmitter on one chip, goes from the chip to the package, across a trace on a printed-circuit board (PCB), through a connector, then a cable or backplane, another connector, another PCB trace, another pack... » read more

3D Connection Artifacts In PDN Measurements

Authors: Ethan Koether, Amazon; Kristoffer Skytte, John Phillips, Shirin Farrahi, Cadence; Joseph Hartman, Oracle; Sammy Hindi, Ampere Computing Inc.; Mario Rotigni, STMicroelectronics; Gustavo Blando, Istvan Novak, Samtec From a simulation stand-point, we have covered several important topics that users must consider in detail to get accurate low frequency simulation results. We investigate... » read more

Sigrity X — Redefining Signal And Power Integrity

This white paper highlights the features in Cadence Sigrity X signal and power integrity (SI/PI) solutions for system-level SI and PI analysis that enable designers to cut the number of design respins and meet short time-to-market windows with confidence. Click here to read more. » read more

FMEDA-Driven SoC Design Of Safety-Critical Semiconductors

As state-of-the-art electronics propel the automotive, industrial, and aerospace industry into a future of more connectivity and autonomy, the development of safety-compliant semiconductors is critical. The Cadence FMEDA-driven Safety Solution consists of products enhanced for advanced safety analysis, safety verification, and safety-aware implementation for digital driving analog and dig... » read more

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