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Navigation Rendering Techniques

Visualization of navigation data is a complex task. The graphics should be appealing, informative, running at a high frame rate, and utilizing low power consumption at the same time. This whitepaper deals with the efficient rendering of navigation maps on the tile-based deferred rendering architecture of the PowerVR chipset families. The navigation demo, which can be found in the PowerVR SDK, i... » read more

PowerPR Virtualization: A Critical Feature For Automotive GPUs

What is GPU virtualization? Conceptually, virtualization is the capability of a device to host one or more virtual machines (VMs) that each behave like actual independent machines with their own operating system (OS), all running on the same underlying device hardware. In regard to GPUs, this means the capability to support multiple concurrently running operating systems, each capable of submit... » read more

Shining A Light On Ray Tracing

PowerVR Ray Tracing is a revolutionary 3D graphics technology that mimics how light behaves in the real world to create visuals with astonishing realism, while also enabling developers and content creators to simplify their workflow. Click here to read more. » read more