Using Predictive Data Analytics In Manufacturing

Data is said to be the gold of the 21st century, but is that true? Even with trillions of lines of data in your database, you won’t be mining any gold – unless you understand what the data means. Here’s what’s happening all around the semiconductor industry: we have far too much data. The problem is that the value you need is hidden in the data, and to mine the gold from it, you need to... » read more

Installing Yield Software Early In A Ramp Up

In 1999, the White Oak Semiconductor Fab in Richmond, VA, was awarded the prestigious “Top Fab of the Year” (yes, that actually existed – proof attached!) by the leading semiconductor magazine of the time. Back then, I was a young engineer on the ramp up team and I recall that the reason we were chosen for the award was the incredibly short time in which we were able to ramp up production... » read more

Multivariate Analysis For Full Process Visibility

In semiconductor manufacturing, especially in electrical test data, but also in other parameters, there are often sets of parameters that are very highly correlated. Even a change in the correlation of those parameters may indicate a problem. For that reason, multivariate monitoring, or multivariate statistics, is applied to these parameters. Multivariate analysis, also known as multivariate... » read more

Preventing Process Excursion With AI And Yield Management Software

Process excursion, or any deviation in a certain process, significantly impacts the cost of semiconductor manufacturing process and product yield. During production, process excursion can be detected early during in-line inspections. However, in some cases, excursion isn’t detected until later in the production process such as during wafer testing in the probing area after production. Apar... » read more

What Is Achievable With A Yield Management System?

Semiconductor manufacturers are under constant pressure to increase yields and cut costs. Yield Management Systems (YMS) are designed specifically to meet the needs of semiconductor manufacturers, enabling them to investigate yield excursions, streamline the manufacturing processes, optimize the supply chain, analyze tools and eliminate workplace inefficiencies. In terms of data challenges... » read more

Integrating Siloed Data In Semiconductor Manufacturing

In semiconductor manufacturing, huge amounts of data are generated and collected at every step in multiple production areas, with data coming from wafer fab, probe/testing, assembly, and final test. That data is usually stored separately in its respective manufacturing department, isolated from other departments. In order to analyze the production data and make better decisions, yield an... » read more