Using Predictive Data Analytics In Manufacturing

Understanding the meaning hidden within data is key to turning it to gold.


Data is said to be the gold of the 21st century, but is that true? Even with trillions of lines of data in your database, you won’t be mining any gold – unless you understand what the data means. Here’s what’s happening all around the semiconductor industry: we have far too much data. The problem is that the value you need is hidden in the data, and to mine the gold from it, you need tools. Bluntly speaking, your data is lying around, and without analyzing it for the purposes we need, it is just data, nothing more. Data is not the gold of the 21st century. Understanding your data is.

Predictive data analytics can help industrial manufacturers improve their efficiency, quality, output, and yield through early identification of production issues.

Using our YieldWatchDog software enables our customers to:

  • detect and contain problematic production material
  • detect “early warnings” of anomalies in production before they become a more serious issue
  • avoid shipment of potentially quality-compromised parts to customers
  • get deep insights into production data and discover hidden correlations
  • save engineering time and costs by enabling fast and easy access to data

With monitoring rules, our algorithms can predict failures based on early knowledge about deviations or anomalies in the data, essentially allowing manufacturers to act on early warning signs instead of reacting to major manufacturing issues when it’s already too late – thereby avoiding costly production incidents. In addition, YieldWatchDog’s user-friendly data analysis capabilities provide further deep insights for production optimization.

By integrating all available data sources into one highly-compressed database, we create the basis for applying our statistical and artificial intelligence algorithms to detect outliers, anomalies and abnormal data. We can then warn our users about impending production problems. This can be a simple e-mail to the responsible engineer, or, with deeper integration with the production systems, we can also automatically stop certain equipment.

DR YIELD is an innovative company with a research quota of 27%. Over the past 19 years, we have developed data compression algorithms, statistical algorithms and pattern recognition methods to ensure the most thorough monitoring of production data in semiconductor and related high-tech, high-volume manufacturing, all with a very user-friendly and intuitive user interface.

Our yield management software was developed for the semiconductor industry, but YieldWatchDog’s predictive data analysis may also uplift productivity in other industries that have similarly structured data. We know that the pharmaceutical, photovoltaics, automotive parts industries, and especially battery manufacturers all have data that are similarly structured to microchip manufacturing. Our algorithms detect anomalies in every kind of numerical data.

Your high-volume manufacturing data contains valuable information that with our analysis software can predict failures and increase production efficiency. We encourage you to keep digging for gold in your data!

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