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ARC International PLC

Reconfigurable processor company


Originally named the Argonaut RISC Core (ARC) is a configurable processor core, designed using the ARChitect processor configurator.
The roots of ARC International date back to the early 1990s. The company was founded by Jez San to build upon the 3D accelerator technology previously developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by a division of Argonaut Software. This forerunner to the ARC was originally called the Mario (Mathematical, Argonaut, Rotation & I/O) chip and later dubbed the SuperFX. It went on to sell millions, at the time outselling ARM or any other RISC core.

It was split from the main company into a subsidiary called Argonaut Technology Ltd (ATL). The design was renamed to ARC and marketed as a general-purpose configurable microprocessor. Later, ATL spun off as a separate company, ARC International.

They raised $250 in their 2000 IPO.

  • Founded by: Jez San in 1982
  • Known for: reconfigurable processor
  • Type: Company