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Celoxica Holding Plc.

Accelerated computing solutions to the financial services sector


Celoxica Holdings Plc provides accelerated computing solutions to the financial services sector. Its solutions combine accelerated hardware, firmware, application programming interfaces, and professional services. The company’s hardware-accelerated solution offerings include market data line and feed handler products, and accelerated middleware and distribution solutions.
$11.3M in 2005
$5.84M in 2007
$3.95M in 2008
$1.73M in 2010
$5.09M in2011
$1.04M in 2012
$3M in 2013

  • HQ: Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK
  • Known for: Accelerated computing, reconfigurable computing
  • Other names: Celoxica
  • Type: Company


  • ESL assets of Celoxica became a unit of Celoxica Holding Plc. in 2009
    • DK Design Suite, a design environment for C-based algorithmic design entry, simulation, and synthesis; RC Series Platforms, a family of FPGA-based rapid prototyping/development boards; and PixelStreams Imaging Library, which includes IP cores for digital image and video processing.