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Chip Estimate Corp

Project planning solutions


A supplier of IC planning and enterprise-level IP reuse management solutions. Chip Estimate products enable electronics design teams to predict the die size, yield, power consumption, performance, and cost of chips based on almost any design architecture, IP and silicon process node options. Chip Estimate has invested in developing an IP portal, which hosts a collaborative partnership of over 175 IP suppliers and foundries featuring over 6,000 IP components. The combination of Chip Estimate’s IC prediction technology and chip planning portal enables customers to perform technical and cost-benefit what-if analysis to drive cost-optimized IC design and reduced project risk in a more efficient and reliable manner.
Originally, Chip Estimate was backed by ITU Ventures and the founders, along with several angel investors. The company raised $1.2 million in Dec. 2003.

In July 2006, Chip Estimate has acquired the former Scottish Development Agency’s VCX IP database from Beach Solutions and has retained their IP partner relationships. The IP database and user communities have been integrated into

  • HQ: Cupertino, CA, USA
  • Web: URL
  • Other names: GiGa Scale IC
  • Type: Company


  • Chip Estimate Corp acquired VCX Database in 2006
    • VCX IP database acquired from Beach Solutions