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Dassault Systèmes

Developer of 3D CAD/CAM and PLM software


Dassault Systèmes was established in 1981 to sell the CATIA software developed at Avions Marcel Dassault. In 1991, IBM transferred development of CADAM (which it had acquired from Lockheed) to Dassault in 1992 for 10% share of Dassault. IBM started a separate sales force called Engineering Technology Solutions to market and support CATIA-CADAM.
In 1996 Dassault went public on the Paris and NASDAQ stock markets.

In 2010, Dassault acquired the sales and client support operations of it’s products from IBM.

Dassault has acquired many companies and now creates 3D CAD, modeling, simulation, and data management software for a wide array of industries and applications.