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Data I/O

Maker of semiconductor device programmers


Milt Zeutschel, Grant Record and Gordy Nicols founded Data I/O in 1972 and developed the world’s first PROM programmer. During the 1980’s the semiconductor industry exploded with a variety of programmable device including the introduction of programmable memory, microcontroller and logic devices including the early predecessor of the FPGA – Programmable Array Logic (PAL).

In 1985, Data I/O launched a series of Electronic Design Software products including the Logic and Schematic Capture Software. Including:
ABEL – the industry standard in programmable logic design software, available on PCs, VAXs, Sun, Apollo, Daisy, Intergraph and Apple Macintosh II.

DASH – the industry’s first and most widely used PC-based schematic capture, also available on the Sun workstation.

FUTURE DESIGNER – technology-independent synthesis tool that provides structural and behavioral tools for engineers to combine TTL, PLD or gate array designs.

GATES – interactive logic synthesis for complex PLDs and LCAs.

PLDTEST PLUS – new generation of automatic test vector generation software for testing PLDs and providing fault coverage.

PERSONAL SILICON FOUNDRY – hardware and software bundle that provides the design engineer with a complete desktop solution for PLD design.

  • HQ: Unknown
  • Known for: Programmers, PROM
  • Type: Company