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Détente Technology, Inc.

Embedded software based on Java


Developed the network infrastructure for Total Entertainment Network and a set-top box for Hyundai, Détente was also working with Sun’s JavaSoft division on many projects including the development of Personal Java. They began pushing a concept we called JavaTV during the summer of 1997. This led to a project with OpenTV to create a specification for a Java API and to help lobby DVB, the European standards body for digital television, to adopt Java as the standard environment for digital television set-top boxes. In the summer of 1998, DVB made the decision to adopt Java.
In 1997 Cadence realized that an embedded software service was needed to complement their chip design service. Late in the summer of 1998, after working with them to develop an embedded software marketing and business plan, Détente Technology Inc. was sold to Cadence to become the core of their new embedded software services business.