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The Electronic Design Automation Consortium is the international association of companies developing EDA tools and services that enable engineers to create the world's electronic products


The EDAC mission is to promote the health of the EDA industry, and to increase awareness of the crucial role EDA plays in today’s global economy.
EDAC has a number of committees focused on issues of common interest where members can meet to influence and stay abreast of industry initiatives; initiatives such as Anti-Piracy, Export Controls, and the Industry OS Roadmap. By focusing on commonality and promoting cooperation, the EDA Consortium augments the effectiveness of the tools, services, and communications provided by its members for the customer community that the member companies serve.

The EDA Consortium is supported by member dues, which includes the Market Statistics Services (MSS) report, in addition to an annual surplus from their two co-sponsored industry tradeshow conferences: the Design Automation Conference (DAC), and the Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE).

EDAC is also the networking house for the industry and hosts annual educational and honorary events relevant to industry and community interest.

Founded the Phil Kaufman Award to honor significant contributions by particular individuals in the industry.

  • HQ: San Jose, CA, USA
  • Known for: Market Statistics Services, MSS
  • Web: URL
  • Other names: Electronic Design Automation Consortium, IDAC
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