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Jasper Design Automation

Formal Verification


Jasper Design Automation, previously Tempus Fugit, has been a pioneer in the area of formal verification. Their JasperGold formal technology platform scales from formal assertion-based verification (ABV) to exhaustive end-to-end proofs of micro-architecture-level properties. The solution is composed of multiple proof engines, automated Formal Scoreboard, Proof Accelerators, and ProofGrid, that are used together to solve complex designs that include packet-based data transportation, FIFOs, memories, caches and multiple clock domains.
Behavioral Indexing is a technology associated with design comprehension. It enables users to iteratively extract, index and store relevant design behaviors, along with the RTL, in a dynamic, executable database.

Acquired by Cadence in 2014.

Executive Insight: Kathryn Kranen
A very candid, behind-the-scenes talk with Jasper’s president and CEO about what drives EDA companies from the inside, the competitive landscape, and where the biggest challenges and changes will be in the future.

  • Known for: formal verification, model checking
  • Other names: Jasper
  • Type: Company



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