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Logic Modeling Systems Inc.

Hardware modeling systems


Developed hardware-in-the-loop modeling systems where actual chips were placed onto boards that were interfaced to a simulator. The signals coming from the simulator were stored sequentially so as to build up a history of changes that would be fed into the hardware each time a new stimulus was added. The output pins would be sampled at the appropriate time and that information fed back into the simulator.

  • Founded by: L. Curtis Widdoes Jr. in 1987.
  • Founded by: Steve White in 1987.
  • HQ: Milpitas, CA, USA
  • Known for: Logic Modeling
  • Other names: Logic Modeling, LMS
  • Type: Company


  • Logic Modeling Corporation acquired Logic Modeling Systems Inc. in 1992. Logic Modeling Corp was created with the merger of Logic Automation and Logic Modeling systems.
  • Type: Company