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Microtec Research, Inc.

Supplier of software development tools


A supplier of software products for the development of embedded systems, offers a broad, integrated product line and extensive support network. The company is committed to open systems and provides a full line of high-performance C/C++ cross compilers, assemblers, source-level XRAY Debugger, and the well-known VRTX/OS operating system. The products speed software development and streamline hardware integration for thousands of demanding embedded applications. With the XRAY MasterWorks integrated C/C++ development environment and the Spectra backplane developers have access to versatile embedded software products that speed the edit- compiler-debug cycle and improve host-target connectivity.

  • HQ: Santa Clara, CA, USA
  • Known for: embedded software, XRAY, VRTX, RTOS,
  • Other names: MRI
  • Type: Company