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Moscape, Inc

Provider of assertion-based electrical integrity solutions for deep-submicron (DSM) designs


Moscape offers a suite of solutions for the diagnosis and repair of electrical integrity problems of DSM designs. The company’s assertion-based technology enables designers to uncover any undesirable analog effects in both the logic and physical implementation stages of the design process. Detrimental analog effects in logic designs including drive strength, noise margin, charge sharing, and crosstalk are becoming the dominant reason for silicon failures.
Moscape’s products include CircuitScope and GateScope. CircuitScope is a circuit integrity analysis tool. It provides extensive analysis of multi-million transistor ICs, guaranteeing complete coverage of all recognized circuit structures for potential circuit integrity problems such as beta mismatch, charge-sharing, static noise margins and coupling. By performing this analysis pre- and post-layout, the need for extensive back-end circuit and timing simulations is reduced while assuring greater probability of success with first silicon.

GateScope is based on Moscape’s assertion-based technology. It enables cell-based IC designers to perform independent noise analysis to ensure the electrical integrity of their designs before tapeout. Designers can analyze the impact of noise on both functionality and delay. Using a deterministic transient analysis technique, GateScope performs methodical elimination of false errors on large multi-million gate designs, so designers can focus only on true noise problems. Additionally, an In-Place Optimization feature for automatic repair of noise failures generates ECO netlists for incremental place and route that results in a robust and reliable IC.