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PowerEscape, Inc.

Memory analysis and optimization


PowerEscape, Inc. developed design tools and methodologies that provided C code level feedback on memory accesses, cache hits and misses, and energy consumption during software execution. Its tools enable the development of data-efficient memory architectures, algorithms, and embedded software.

The company developed PowerEscape Insight, a tool to improve the data-efficiency of algorithms in the initial phases of development enabling software developers to improve performance and minimize the need for time-consuming assembly code optimization; PowerEscape Synergy, provided cache reports that reveal how C code interacts with a target memory system; and PowerEscape Architect that enables system designers to optimize a memory system for specific applications and publish an accurate memory model for use in PowerEscape Synergy.

Technology came from IMEC’s low power design tool technology for data and memory optimization – ATOMIUM

Acquired by Arm in 2006.

  • Founded by: Guido Arnout in 2003
  • HQ: Palo Alto, CA, USA
  • Known for: memory optimization, power
  • Type: Company