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Reusable Application-Specific Intellectual Property Developers (RAPID) was formed in 1996 and was a business organization focused on increasing the growth and awareness of the IP segment of the system-chip industry. RAPID worked with standard-setting organizations in creating specifications which were mindful of the interest of the independent IP vendor.
The association’s primary function was to promote the acceptance and use of third party IP products within the electronics industry. RAPID’s objectives were to establish guidelines and promote the use of good business and design practices among members, while working with EDA, semiconductor companies and industry standard organizations to make IP easier to use and more accessible to designers.

RAPID consisted of three working groups: Promotion/Communication, Licensing and Business Practices and the Virtual Component (VC) Catalog.

The group was disbanded in 2001

  • HQ: Campbell, CA, USA
  • Known for: IP, consortium
  • Other names: Reusable Application-Specific Intellectual Property Developers
  • Type: