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Transmeta Corporation

Pioneer in code morphing software for x86


A fabless semiconductor company that developed an x86 compatible processor with code morphing software which included an interpreter, a runtime system and a binary translator. Based on profiling, the system would provide increasingly optimized execution for the blocks that were executed the most frequently.
Founded in 1995 by Bob Cmelik, Dave Ditzel, Colin Hunter, Ed Kelly, Doug Laird, Malcolm Wing and Greg Zyner.

First product, the Crusoe processor, was released in 2000 and they went public later that year. While moderately successful, they never showed a profit and switched to an IP licensing model in 2007. They were acquired by Novafora in 2009. Novafora went out of business later that year. The patent portfolio was acquired by Intellectual Ventures LLC.

  • HQ: Santa Clara, CA, USA
  • Known for: code morphing,
  • Type: Company