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Tools for CMP metal fill and multi project wafer layout optimization


Xyalis provides a fully integrated environment to build complex reticles as well as 1X masks, both for regular arrays of dies and for Multi Project Wafers (MPWs) or shuttles.

Since 1995, a Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP) step has been adopted in the semiconductor manufacturing process to flatten wafer surface between each metal layer. Metal density variations can badly impact this CMP process, thus the need for designers to insert “dummy tiles” into there design to help flatten the surface for each metal layer.
Since the beginning of the company, XYALIS has provided metal-fill tools to address this issue.

In 2002 XYALIS introduced a model-based CMP process estimator and dummy tiles insertion tool. The approach of inserting “dummy” metal tiles in all empty areas was not satisfactory because it introduced too many parasitics. Traditional methods were not successful in solving this problem and it was necessary to introduce a model based algorithm to get the best results and to minimize the number of inserted tiles while achieving the highest yield.

In 2006 XYALIS introduced a new tool for dummies insertion targeting 65nm processes and below. This new tool combines the advantages of the “model-based” approach while maintaining a compatibility with the design rules checks.

In 2010 XYALIS introduced a Production Yield oriented placement tool for MPWs.

In 2012 XYALIS introduces a tool for Mask Ordering management, based onto a relational Database and a Web Application, and using the industrial SEMI P10 format for data exchange between Semiconductor players (Design centers, FABs) and Maskshops.

  • Founded by: Eric Beisser in 1998
  • HQ: Grenoble, France
  • Known for: CMP, Chemical-Mechanical Polishing, dummy insertion,
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  • Type: Company