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Zeelan Technology

Standard Model Libraries


Standard Model Libraries (including Microprocessor, Memory, pre-silicon ASIC, FPGA, Digital Logic models) as well as modeling service to characterize and create models conforming to the IBIS format.

MasterModels were created from measurements of physical devices under a tightly controlled high frequency fixture and modeling system. These accurate models closely represent actual device behavior when used in simulation.

Generating accurate component models quickly is a major stumbling block of analog and mixed-mode simulation. The Modelstation from Zeelan Technology attempted to speed precision model generation by using an automated benchtop system that extracts parameters from physical devices under actual operating conditions. The station consists of a signal stimulus and acquisition system attached to a PC or Unix workstation, test fixtures, and an analysis software package. The system’s hardware and software generated the necessary drive signals to exercise a particular device.


Acquired by Mentor Graphics in 1996