The Instrumentation Systems Engineer position is a high-visibility role inside Teradyne’s Semiconductor Test Division. Systems Engineers work with marketing, applications, sales, and engineering teams to define the future of automated test equipment (ATE) that best addresses our customers’ upcoming needs.  In this role you will be a member of an interdisciplinary systems engineering team responsible for the development of next-generation, high-power, precision instrumentation. DC instruments at Teradyne like Device Power Supplies and VIs are generally very dense (>100 channels per instrument), and each optimizes the channel circuitry to meet the given end market needs.  Device Power Supplies (DPS) are usually low voltage, high current designs that typically optimize load transient response, voltage accuracy, and power efficiency.  VIs can be high voltage (>100V), range from low to high current (>10A), and incorporate many possible enhancements depending on the market need: galvanic isolation, precision measure and force, time measurement, ultra-low leakage, etc.


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