Join Ansys Optics as a valued collaborator. At Ansys, you will help empower the world’s most innovative companies to design and deliver transformational products that drive and enhance human life and advancement. As an Optics R&D Engineer, you will contribute technical knowledge and improvements to the best and broadest optical simulation suite which engineers use to solve the most complex design challenges.

In this Optics R&D Engineer position, you will conduct research, create prototypes, and design solutions that inform the team’s decision-making. Additionally, you will evaluate our optics products to provide recommendations for improving or delivering new modeling workflows to enhance Ansys’ customer experience. These activities are key to helping develop our industry-leading simulation software. Therefore, as a collaborator, you will work on various impactful projects to help maintain, advance, and accelerate Ansys products and technologies that are used around the world. At Ansys, you can grow your career while delivering meaningful impact to human lives and technology.

The position could be a remote role or be located at an Ansys office either in the United States of America or Canada, and you will collaborate with the global Ansys Optics team. If interested, our inclusive and diverse team seeks candidates eager to improve optical design tools for the next generation of optics.


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